Monday, January 31, 2011

Gorgeous Weekend!!

This weekend was quite jammed and crammed, but all and all a fantastic time! I was originally planning on going on a weekend escape with my best friends from college, but I have a huge research paper due so sadly couldn't partake!! But they had a great weekend and I cant wait to hear all the crazy stories (Happy Birthday Linds...I'm sure you celebrated your booty off!!)

Friday night, I met up with Ali and Annie after work and we went to Pearlz for happy hour.  We ended up getting homemade chips for 95 cents and these corn fritters, which I wouldn't recommend, for super cheap!! I am starting to love happy hour, allows a girl to go out and still stay on budget!
Ali, Me and Annie at Pearlz
Not the biggest fan of these guys, but they sure take a nice picture :)

After Pearlz, we decided to be tourist and get the free samples downtown.  I can't tell you how much I love living in a touristy place, because the free samples are everywhere and I definitely take advantage! We stopped at a couple different candy shops and got samples of fudge, gelato and my favorite pralines. I know it sounds a little creepy that I so frequently do this, but I'm a irregular customer too so I don't feel so bad (I do love a turtle or chocolate covered oreo)! 

Gotta love free samples!!

This weekend has been the random weekend in January where it is amazingly warm, seems like it happens every year!! I started off Saturday morning with a giant breakfast and a nice 5 mile run with Christina.  The weather was perfect and there were so many people walking around town.  The run felt awesome and it was nice actually being too hot in shorts and a t-shirt! After our run, Drew was taking his boat out for a nice cruise so Christina, Annie and I joined along. The forecast was 65 degrees with plenty of sunshine...which means a perfect January day for a boat ride (a little nippy but gorgeous)!
Christina, Me and Annie on the perfect day
Our captain!
The bridge from a water-view! So pretty!
Drew and Me looking like a patagonia ad!

My Saturday was filled with great weather, friends and amazing times! It was a little taste of the spring time, which I can't wait to finally be here.  I am a warm weather lover...I did move from the North down South as soon as I could choose where to live and will probably never leave! My night ended hanging out with a few friends and early to bed for this student.  Sunday was very boring, filled with a research paper and a break for a quick 6 mile run in the gorgeous 70 degree weather. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the weather as much as I did (sorry mom, I know its still freezing up there)!

Saturday Night 

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