Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

I have been obsessed with healthy living blogs for the past few months, so decided for the new year to dip my toes in and try it out.  I am training for my second full marathon on March 20 and thought that this was the perfect time to start blogging in order to keep me on track!
So a little about myself:
I am a current student who has a passion for food and running.  My dad is a crazy runner (ultramarathoner, etc.) and got me hooked on running after my freshman year of college.   For this girl it was the freshman 20 which I contribute to the lack of exercise, lack of sleep, intake of alcohol and not to mention the unlimited food plan! But after I came to realize that my rapid weight gain was a health issue, I started to run and the weight came off (slowly but surely).  After finishing my first half marathon my sophomore year of college, I became a lover of running and it quickly became part of my lifestyle.  To date, I have run many 10Ks, 10 milers, 4 half marathons and 1 marathon.
My dad and I running the Minneapolis Half Marathon (he kept going and finished the full)

My dad's girlfriend, Mimi; Dad, Me, and my sister, Lee at the end of the Disney Marathon

As for the food aspect, I blame all of my immediate family for the love of experiencing new flavors and recipes.  My mom was always an amazing cook, I remember coming home from school and seeing homemade pasta noodles hanging all over the kitchen.  My sister, Lee, and I always loved to help out in the kitchen and continue to share recipes with each other even though we live 100s of miles apart.  My dad and I learned to experiment with cooking and try out new flavors.  My dad and I learned how to cook together from the basics of baking a potato to now being able to cook an entire Christmas dinner!
Lastly, for the other big part that makes me me is the school aspect.  No one explains to you how much harder graduate school is from undergraduate school (little kept secret but so true).  I am a dedicated student and therefore the majority of my time is spent in school and the library :( but only a couple more years until the real world!
My Mom
My Dad
My sister, Lee; her boyfriend, Jeff and their puppy, Camden
Camden again :)

I absolutely love my life and am so blessed with all that I have.  I have wonderful, supportive, hilarious friends and family that make this life a joy everyday.  Hope you enjoy reading this blog and I'll try not to bore you too much :)

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