Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Jr. Day!!

My long run on Sunday...sadly didn't happen!  I have been having a lot of trouble motivating myself to run my scheduled long runs.  This is not new to me, as it happened to me training for the Disney Marathon last year.  Running such long distances is more a mental game than physical (lord knows hitting the wall at mile 22 and it is all mental).  I know that my body and legs can physically run 15 miles right now, but its hard to convince my mind to actually go out and run for 2+ hours.  

Even though my long run didn't happen, I had an amazing and brisk 6 mile run with Christina.  Christina just signed up for the half marathon in March!! It is awesome having a roommate that is training for a race at the same time, its definitely nice to have a running buddy and the added motivation to run is a huge plus :)!! We are planning on doing Sunday runs together, which will be her long runs and a nice break up for my planned long runs (hopefully a cure for my lack of motivation; run with Christina and then keep going for a few more miles)!!

As for today, I finally did a longesh run!! It felt amazing, my legs didnt hurt at all, and I even saw dolphins swimming!! It started to sprinkle at mile 6 and by mile 10 it was I cut it a little short and finished with a solid 11 miles which I was happy about!! After my wet but refreshing run, I had a protein filled lunch and my favorite snack in the world while finishing Nanny Returns (the sequel of The Nanny Diaries)!
Shredded Chicken with Japanese Sauteed Vegetables 
Pretzels and Goldfish with Almond Butter :) aka most delicious snack ever!

Monday nights, my roomies and I have a tradition of cooking a "family dinner" and watching the bachelor or dancing with the stars (depending on which season is on).  Annie is our usual chef, but since she is out of town, our guest chef was Mary Foster!!  She did an awesome job and cooked an amazing and healthy version of chicken potpie with a cornbread crust and cheesy vegs on the side.  I have to get the recipe from her! The cornbread crust added a hint of sweetness and caused all of us to get seconds!!  
My dinner plate :)

For the rest of the night, watching the Bachelor, which is definitely a guilty pleasure, half the time we are making fun of it and the other half we are crying along with the girls!! Needless to say, can't wait to see who gets voted off (hopefully the crazy hairdresser!) 

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