Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Half Way to the Weekend!

Happy Hump Day!!! I woke up this morning with some great news my first class got cancelled! Classes never get cancelled, so I was super pumped to hear I got a few more minutes of z's this morning :)

After my hectic, work-filled day; I got treated to a home-cooked meal of chicken fried steak. I know not the healthiest but it sure was tasty! I made a big salad with avocado, tomatoes and mushrooms and some soy sauced sauteed mushrooms (say that ten times fast) to go with the steak.  It was the perfect amount of food, for once I wasn't stuffed when I finished dinner!

After dinner, we watched Twelve with Chase Crawford, 50 Cent and Emma Roberts.  It was a very intense movie about over privileged kids in NYC and their drug dealer.  I can't say that I would watch it again, but it's great if you like intense, indy flicks!

Dinner :)

Class being cancelled is much appreciated.  Now I have more time to get work done before class, so Ill be able to go on a longer run :)! Plus it looks like the rain is finally moving out, so I won't have an excuse to not run!  

Totals for this week: 14 on Sunday, 6 on Monday, Off on Tuesday, and scheduled to do 6-9 today plus workout video with Ali!! 

"First Class Cancelled Breakfast"

Off to eat my delicious pepper and onion omelet with the rest of the cinnamon bread :)

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