Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rainy Tuesday with Toasty Bread!

This weekend was amazing and much needed! I had a kinda "me weekend" and ended up staying in for the majority of the weekend and getting a lot of R&R time :)!! On Sunday afternoon, I went for a solid 14 mile run which felt amazing.  My body definitely appreciated the rest which showed when I ran 14 mile in 2:11 without pacing! Christina and I were planning on running later in the afternoon, but the Charlotte trip took a toll on her and I had a bunch of work to do so wasn't dying to go back out and run...plus 14 miles is enough right?!

Sunday night, Drew made turkey burgers which were amazing (I thought it tasted a little like turkey meatloaf, which I was perfectly content with)! We watched The Town with Ben Affleck...it was an intense movie with a lot of gun shooting which Im not the biggest fan of, but still a good movie!! Im always impressed with Ben Affleck; I dont know how he can write, direct, produce and star in a movie (pretty impressive)!!

Monday morning, I woke up refreshed and ready for my day! I fixed an egg breakfast for myself while organizing my school schedule for the week.  I have a paper due the end of the week, so there is a lot of time management needed!  Plus the bachelor was on at night, so had to plan around quality tv time!

Fried eggs with peppers and bagel (the other half i made into a pbj)

Today, has been a very productive day of school work and eating cinnamon bread!! I made the cinnamon bread this weekend (allowed a day to rise) and it turned out amazing!  The bread is basically gone now, but its homemade so it should be healthier (right?!).  I have created my new favorite snack a Peanut Butter and Jelly in between two thick pieces of toasted cinnamon bread!! Soo tasty and the cinnamon adds a sweet touch to a classic comfort food, which equals the perfect snack for a rainy day :)

Swirly Cinnamon Bread :)

Tonight is consisting of doing a lot of school work and a late dinner :) At least I can look forward to a home-cooked meal after a long day!! 

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  1. OMG -yay for your blog! You didn't tell me you started one ..sneaky! LOVE the name of it, too!