Sunday, January 23, 2011

Restful Weekend!!

FINALLY, I feel like myself again!!! I have been in a rot all week and really not feeling myself :(  I think last weekend really put a toll on me and getting back into the swing of classes just pushed me over the top. But after this relaxing weekend, I feel better and a ton less overwhelmed! I can't tell you how awful it is to be in a funk and not be able to get out...definitely appreciating my new (old) mood back!

Friday was a great start of the weekend.  My roomies and I went to Social for happy hour before splitting off to various Friday night activities.  It is so nice to be able to catch up with everyone, even for just a little bit, after hectic weeks at work or school!!  Plus, Social has amazing 3 dollar deals on wine and appetizers so it is the perfect place to meet up!

Happy Hour at Social

This weekend has been very relaxing and not too eventful (other then in the kitchen!).  When I get stressed or in weird moods; running and/or cooking really helps me de-stress! I ran and that didnt work; so I decided to go to the kitchen and cook.  What started out me baking an amazing cinnamon bread that I made this past Christmas; quickly turned into me making a full out BBQ dinner with homemade pulled pork, beans and homemade coleslaw, along with some of my favorite muffins ever banana strudel muffins! Needless to say, I have a fridge filled with food for the week :)

BBQ dinner...forgot to take a picture of my plate before I devoured it!

Homemade BBQ-I got to use the crockpot and my new cast iron skillet :)

Fresh muffins that turned into dessert!

Saturday afternoon flew by!! Ali and I ventured to Walmart, which I will hopefully never do again in the middle of the day on Saturday (seemed like everyone and their brother and second cousin was there)!! But shopping was fun, as always, and both of us ended up getting more than we originally entered the store for (but walmart has amazing prices on food so decided to stock up)! After we got home and the pork was in the crockpot, my bread was rising, and coleslaw was chilling; it was way too cold out and dark out to go for a run.  So we turned on ondemand (which we just learned we had) and did an exercise video in the living room!! I have never been a fan of exercise videos, but I tell you that video kicked my booty and my body all over is feeling it!
Ali doing the crazy exercise video

Me stretching it out!

Today is the big day though...a whole 16 miles!! Its nice waking up early so I wont be pressed for time, plus breaking it up to run with Christina will be a plus!! Off to eat one of these delicious muffins (breakfast all week is going to be amazing) and then getting on some warm clothes to run!! 

Happy Sunday :) 

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