Monday, May 23, 2011

Protein Switches

Happy Monday!!
This weekend was amazing and definitely hit a refresh button in my book :)!  I got to relax, hang out with friends, go to the beach, run a little, go shopping (didnt buy, but looking is still fun), lay out at the pool and above all got to catch up with some of my college friends!! I have been so busy and out of the loop, so this weekend was definitely nice to slow down a little and play catch up (and boy did I have stuff to catch up on)!

Pre-Cheering to our New Apartment...Ali moves in on Tuesday!!
Wasps have taken over the apartment worries I killed it (after a lot of screaming)!

As for my new diet plan, it changed from a no carb diet to a lower carb diet! I can't completely restrict carbs from my diet, fruits and veggies are too important and make my body feel good (and function) so I am really just restricting bread, pasta, cereal, baked goods, etc.  Going low carb isn't as challenging as I thought it would be (at least not yet), I realized that I really don't eat that much bread (but did savor every bit of my last sandwich on Friday :) or pasta! The really difficult things for me is not being able to eat sweets or cereal (which I'm addicted to)! Growing up, I was never a fan of sweets (I rarely ate Halloween candy) but now I seem to be obsessed with baking and eating sweets...they are just so stinking good!! So we will see how long I can stay on the no cereal/sweet track...ek!

Last sandwich and hummus...soooo good!

This weekend, I realized how simple changes can be made to put more protein in my diet and take out carbs.  Ali and I went to Sweetwater Cafe, which we had heard was an amazing breakfast place and is so good that it usually has a wait on the weekends!  Luckily we got there right after the rush of people, I opted for a farm omelet which was packed with veggies (I was craving spinach in my omelet and got it)! It was hard to turn away the fresh homemade biscuit, but I was proud of myself when I did (so much willpower I know right?!)! But breakfast was a perfect example of my new diet plan...get protein from the eggs instead of carbs from pancakes or waffles (which their pancakes looked amazing and were the size of my face)!
Amazing breakfast with a healthy side (usually I would have picked grits or hashbrowns)

Surprisingly, I am happy that I posted about my changing in eating.  It has made me be more conscious of what I eat and instead of giving up...which I was almost convinced to do on Friday night (pizza), I have stuck it out (3 days woo woo)!!

Salad packed with protein (instead of pizza)
Eggs and bacon with sauteed tomatoes (instead of cereal with bananas)

In more exciting news (for myself) I have been able to ease into my running too.  I am starting off slow, which is a little frustrating, but at least I am running so I can't complain too much!! I ran 6 miles on Friday and 6 miles yesterday.  I am attempting to run every other day, until the tingling in my foot goes away! Once the pain is all gone, I will then be back to hopefully everyday running :)!!! I can't wait...and I can't begin to explain how amazing it feels to get back on my running shoes! I really didn't realize how much I love running until it was taken away from me for a whole week and half (I know, I know I'm a little dramatic but still...)!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful start of the week :) and don't forget the season premiere of the bachelorette is tonight!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cookies and Diet Talk!

Good Morning!

My allergies are going crazy right now, note to self: really bad allergies mid May, so my TLC night turned into two nights.  I was planning on going to the Riverdogs game last night, but my eyes were so swollen I literally looked like an asian (no offense to anyone), so I decided that it was the best for me to not be outside with all this nasty pollen.  In hindsight it was a great decision, I was super bummed that I missed the game with all my friends, but after loading up on drugs from Harris Teeter I am feeling significantly better today...and yes I'm not looking like an asian any more!

As I was in the grocery store, getting all my drugs, I headed to the baking aisle to load up on chocolate chips to bake cookies for my night in!  I told you I'm turning into an old woman...baking cookies instead of going out! I have decided to buy the teeter brand chips (love Toll House) but the bag was more then half the price and I couldn't rationalize the more expensive, plus I figured I should try it and see if there really was a significant difference in the brands!  I decided that they don't have as strong as a chocolate flavor as the Toll House ones, but nonetheless I can't argue against the price!
Store brand Walnuts and Chocolate Chips
The best part of baking cookies---dough! really the only reason I made them tonight :)

When baking my cookies, I remembered for the first time since my birthday to use this awesome cookie paper pad thing that Ali gave me for my birthday.  I was so excited that I remembered it and interested to see how it actually works!  And let me tell is absolutely wonderful and works amazingly! There was no sticking, the cookies could even cool on the sheet and could still be removed with ease; basically this is a baking sheet dream (plus no need to use cooking spray, which I have a tendency to get all over the kitchen when baking)!!

Amazing baking mat (before baking)
After baking= easy removal :)

As for the more embarrassing, uncomfortable talk that I'm very hesitant to talk about; but figure I might as well and that blogging about it may actually benefit and help me stay on track: I am going on a food diet adventure!  I would like to call it an adventure or experiment and NOT a diet (though in actuality that's probably the classification for it).

Since I haven't been able to run for over a week and half (which I know doesn't seem like much time to some, but really is the longest I have gone in over 2 years without running), my body is starting to change.  Unfortunately, as I originally thought, I haven't healed within a week and it is still painful to run.  I have attempted to run twice this past week and both times there is a tingling pain on the side of my foot that doesn't go away.  I have gone to the gym a couple times this week and done weights, but no cardio other than my attempted runs and light riding on the bike (just not the same as a nice run). So, after looking in the mirror and stepping on the scale; I decided that without being able to workout as intense as usual I need help and maybe a slight change in my diet will be of assistance.

Now that being said, I am in no way saying that I am fat or that I have let myself go or anything along those lines.  I just like where my body is at my ideal weight and have been healthy and active while maintaining my healthy weight for almost a year.  In a sense, I just don't want all the hard work to be put aside based on my injury putting me on the sidelines of running!

Can't wait for these days to come back :/

So I have decided after a little research and chats with my dad that I'm going to go on a low-carb diet (not to be confused with no-carb diet).  This means that after my lunch today (packed it already so not going to put my sandwich to waste-obviously), I will be starting to cut out carbs.  After looking on websites some refer to this as "white out" which means take all the whites out- like rice, bread, cereal, cake, cookies, etc.  I cut back on my carbs when I was a sophomore in college and it helped kick start my healthy living change (after gaining my freshman 20) and so I figure until I can get back into the running saddle, I can attempt to restrict carbs- at least the "bad" carbs.

It is weird to publicize something that is so personal and rather embarrassing to admit, but maybe people can relate and have had a similar issue!  Off to eating my last sandwich (with bread) for the next few days!
Last cereal breakfast for awhile :)

Happy Friday :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Back Cody!

Good Night everyone...strange to say good night when I'm not saying good night, rather hi but you got the idea not good morning but good night anyways...hi! 

I started my Maymester class this Monday! And I tell you <warning: complaining ahead> a week off (when I was devoted to moving) was NOT enough time off before getting thrown head first into an intense work load for two weeks!! But I will survive :)  Thanks to huge pep talks from my sister, Laura and Lindsay today I feel like I'm back on track and realize that I sometimes just need to do stuff for myself and take time to relax.  I was just getting really overwhelmed (not running probably hasn't helped) and not feeling like myself, but after I took a much needed TLC night tonight...I'm feeling better than I have in weeks :)  

As for my wonderful night off from life...I cleaned!!! I don't know what it is but cleaning for me has turned into major therapy!  I think the whole running thing has turned into me find outlets that de-stress baking and I guess cleaning can be added to the list too!  Wow I'm turning into an old out Nana! 

My new-for one week-roommate just moved out so it was the perfect time for me to clean before Ali moves in! And boy did I clean, I swear my apartment smells just like comet bleach.  I bleached the bathroom twice, kitchen, fridge and appliances; needless to say there are no germs in this apartment...

Pictures in case you were wondering...

Clean Tub (nothing better than being able to relax in a clean bath)
Maybe not the best organization but still...clean :)

As for my more exciting weekend, which did have its relaxing moments, Ali, Anna, Richard, Drew and I went to the pool for a few hours on Saturday.  It is so nice being able to relax and just walk to the pool (no car involved)! I may not live downtown anymore...but the perks of having a pool and car washing station (which I totally used today to jump start my cleaning excursion for the night) for sure have their advantages! I am really enjoying my new apartment and the new change :)! I'm excited for everyone else to get settled in so that it will really feel like home!! 

Pool day :)

As for tonight, Im going to settle into reading Anyone Out There? (random book I stole from Lee years ago) and eating my overnight oats (which were supposed to be for breakfast tomorrow but they are just so tasty I can't resist)! I'm crossing my fingers that my foot feels well enough tomorrow for me to finally go for a run...please, please?! Wish me luck :)

Cinnamon and peanut butter oats (simple and delicious)

Now for the real Good Night...hope everyone sleeps tight :) 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad News, but Delicious Bread...

For the bad news first...I am so extremely sad to report that I have plantar fasciitis (granted it is a self-diagnosis)!! I can't explain how devastating this is to me, the heel of my foot is extremely sore and hurts whenever I walk.  It popped up on Tuesday night and has progressively gotten worse.  I did a spin class on Wednesday because I didn't think I could run...and yesterday I attempted to run which was extremely painful.  I decided to cut my run short because I didn't know what was going on and didn't want to injury myself more.  I have (knock on wood) never had a real severe running injury. Sure I have my soreness and complaints, but I have never had such a sharp, non-stop pain...until now :(

After talking to my dad, we figured out that it must have been from all my moving in sandals (warning everyone that is moving suffer through wearing tennis shoes even if it is hot out).  I haven't changed my running pattern, haven't increased milage or anything, and my shoes are new with custom inserts...the only thing different was moving!! But on the bright side, I am taking ibuprofen, icing, wearing my running shoes when I can, rolling a can on it, and stretching. I'm optimistic that I will have a speedy recovery and be back on the running track soon :) fingers crossed!

For better news...I found and made an amazing zucchini bread recipe! I have been going on and looking at their top 20 in attempts to make all 20.  I have made 7 of the top 20 recipes (it changes a little every week or so) and after every recipe I am eager to make another!  This was super simple and amazing because zucchini is on sale now! I was extremely happy with the recipe and ended up eating half a loaf in a day...oops! 

One with walnuts, One without :)
Big chunk!

After my baking was off to Costco for a huge buying excursion.  Of course as soon as I got back I was excited to dive into all the new food that I just bought (is that just me, or does it seem like everytime you go to the store you want to eat or wear whatever you just bought?!)!  I made a salad with vegetables and canned chicken salad; with a jumbo side of carrots and hummus...yes I eat healthy (portion control is my issue though)!! After that didn't fill me up, I made a bowl of noodles with sauce and a veggie burger and another bit of salad...that definitely did the trick :)

Lunch part 1...
Lunch part 2!

Off to the beach to enjoy my last Friday before summer classes start :)!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day...and keep your feet healthy. P.S. its Friday the 13th ek!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moving=Done-Zo :)

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe that it is already Wednesday, I have literally been on go mode all week.  I am happy to report that I have officially moved all my stuff into my new apartment and am putting the finishing touches on my room!  It is such a different environment and feel in this apartment, then my old apartment.  It wasn't until I moved out of my old apartment that I realized how tiny my room was and how cramped the living room was.  I feel like I can have a dance party in my new room, it isn't even that big, but compared to my old room it is like a master suite :)!!

It is a lot of work to move, I always forget until I'm actually moving how much stuff I have and how tedious it is to transfer stuff from one location to the next! But all the hard work has paid off and now I am in a new place that I get to put my own personal touches on.  It is definitely a step into the grown up world for me; from downtown to outskirts of town! I have a great feeling about the new place and am excited to make new memories. Plus people can actually visit me now and have a place to stay :)

Wow sorry old apartment...I just bashed it, but in actuality it really wasnt that bad; Im just very thankful for an upgrade!

Pictures of my new room :)

Still a work in progress need to hang up pictures!
Yes, I built that fine new book shelf all by myself (Miss Handy Lady over here)!

On Monday, Ali and I ran a bunch of errands and I bought a bunch of stuff to organize my room/kitchen!  We stopped in at World Market where I got a little side tracked on their wonderful selection of food (easily distracted when it comes to me and shopping)! I saw a new version of peanut butter and had to get it (it was basically calling to me) and it was a lot cheaper than I have seen it at any other store.  This peanut butter is more pricey than normal Jif or Peterpan, but I really enjoy it plus it is all natural and has so many variety of flavors! I also had to buy this GIANT pickle...I mean who can say no! 

Random purchases...gotta get my fixes of pickles and peanut butter!

When we got back from our longer than originally planned adventure (we both have massive add when it comes to food and shopping so always takes double or triple as long), we decided to make celebratory to the new apartment skinny margaritas!  This skinny margarita mix you can buy at bed bath and beyond, it only has 5 calories per serving, and it is super sweet so we really only use a splash. It is the perfect summer drink because it is so light and simple! After a few testers we found the perfect combination:
Our Recipe (in a big cup with ice):
2 shots of tequila
2 or 3 shots of the skinny margarita mix
fill the rest up with soda water (we used lemon-lime)
and squeeze limes and/or lemons in for an extra kick (we forgot, but def will remember for the next time)
Margarita preparation :)

As for yesterday, after running a ton of errands I enjoyed a wonderful late lunch on my new porch! It was a beautiful day and the porch is the perfect place to eat...not to mention the only table we have right now.  But it is so amazing to be able to eat and read outside without having to leave my apartment! It was the perfect break in my hectic day :)

Salad with black bean burger and side of salsa with beans :)
Close up...yumm!
Frozen blueberries and raspberries with coolwhip and smacks for dessert!

After running a few more errands, and finally getting to the grocery :), I got ready and headed out to meet up with my old roomies and some other friends! We went to Pearlz for happy hour (can't beat 95 cent homemade chips and 3 dollar wine) before heading to the Riverdogs game.  We got to the game around 7:30 and it was done by 9:15! Basically it was the shortest baseball game I have ever been to, or for that matter even heard of.  But I guess thats what happens when everyone gets struck out (quick ending)! Even though it was short, it was still a lot of fun and made me so happy that it is officially summer time! Plus, since it was so early I got to rent at the redbox No Strings Attached.  I saw the movie in the theaters and was really excited to be able to watch it again...especially for a dollar :)

Riverdogs game
Me and Ali...and a man in the background ha!

As for this morning, I started it off with a nice bacon fritta with a bunch of salsa!! Hope everyone has a great start of their day...and if you are in Charleston try not to get blown away :)

Breakfast of Champions!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Summer :)

Hi Friends!
So I have been MIA (for good reason) I have been super swamped up with studying and packing and ahh! Basically I have been living in a little bubble (didn't know about Osama being killed, the tornado, basically was in a hole ha), but now I'm back thank goodness and finally done with my first year of law school (fingers crossed)!!

A short recap...I am moving from my apartment downtown to right outside of downtown.  I absolutely loved the location of my apartment, there really is nothing better than being able to be able to walk everywhere.  I could walk to school, walk home from the bars, I could run around the battery, the ravennal bridge without having to drive; I am certainly going to miss the convenience.  BUT I am not going to miss certain features; like having a 5 bedroom 2 bath apartment (a little cramped), having homeless people dig through my trash (daily), the traffic and noise, and the small kitchen/living area.  It was a perfect apartment for my first year out of college, but I'm looking forward to living in a more "grown up" apartment.
Old Kitchen 
New Kitchen 

In preparation of my move, as I told yall, aside from eating all my sweet potatoes (only 5 left) I was planning on using up the majority of my food...which lead to some creative meals and snacks!   
Short recap:
First Place: Peanut Butter cookies with Oreos and Choc. Chips
Finished: a tub of peanut butter, thing of oreos and left over choc. chips!
(my first original recipe ever and they turned out pretty well)

Ground Turkey with Garden Veg Sauce over Lettuce
Finished: tomato sauce and salad

Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Cake=heaven
Finished: I got rid of my package of rice cakes (which then I bought a new one) and all my jelly!

Turkey burger with wheat bun
I had buns in the freezer (from making pulled pork) and 
Finished: all the ground turkey

Grilled Chicken and Green Beans
Freezer surprise: I had a chicken breast and a bag of steamed green beans
I first put a bunch of seasonings on the chicken then covered with BBQ sauce (amazing)
Finished: BBQ, chicken, frozen green beans

Salad with fettucini and sauce 
Finished: noodles (sauce and salad finished later in the week) and all my coffee and splenda

All and all, I was quite successful in eating the remainder of my food.  I know I didn't have to eat everything and I could easily have moved it but it was fun trying to mix and match food.  Plus I found food that I totally forgot I had.  After all this cleaning out it is safe to say that a MASSIVE grocery/costco run is in order...can't wait :)!! 

As for my moving, I realized that not only do I hoard some types of food (bread in the freezer I don't know why) but I also tend to hoard running shoes and rainbows.  I have so many pairs of running shoes and for whatever reason I can't let them go.  I have worn them down so I can't run in them anymore, but they can still be good for walking or doing yard work (because I have a yard and all...jk). And my rainbows are completely worn down or they are too big for me (I have a weird tendency to buy shoes that are too big because I secretly wish I didn't have midget feet).  But regardless, I hold on to all these shoes and won't let them go....hopefully I won't be on a future episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive ek!

A few of my cherished collection of shoes

Even though I know it is crazy I still kept them (got rid of one pair) and moved the shoes along with a bunch of other stuff.  I don't understand where all this stuff I have comes from...but there sure is a bunch of it! Let me just add that moving is one of the most annoying things ever, I mean you have to pack up stuff (go down 2 flights of stairs) then put it in a car then move it from the car to another spot (go up 5 flights of stairs) just to unpack what you packed...I mean come on (why can't it just transport itself?!)! But it certainly feels good to have the majority of my belongings at my new apartment.  Hopefully, tomorrow my bed and furniture will be moved so I can settle into my new place!!

Some of my stuff....

Trying to organize it in piles!

Day 1 of moving= fini :)

Hope everyone had a great Saturday and got to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather (at least in SC)! Off to enjoy some oatmeal and a sweet potato...definitely going on a big food run tomorrow :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work Hard...Play Hard

Happy Weekend!!

As you may know I have been ridiculously stressed out with exams...I think its super torture to prolong exams for a grueling 2 weeks (but also definitely needed) but I'm still pushing through.  What I learned last semester is that you totally can get burnt out...which admittedly and unfortunately happened to me! I studied so long and hard that when the second week came around I was barely comprehending anything; thank goodness that I had prepared ahead of time...but I still didn't do as well as I know I could've on my last two exams.

Gotta love Charleston from the water

So in order to cure this I decided I needed to take some mental health time in between all the studying...may not be the smartest but I was feeling the burn out so decided to allow myself a day away from the library to de-stress and refresh for this coming week! Hopefully it was a smart was a fun decision but hopefully benefical as well!

Didn't play as hard as this guy ha!

Anyways, in the true motto work hard, play hard(er) I enjoyed the warm sunshine with some friends out on the Charleston harbor.  We boated around, went to Morris Island, ate at Reds and then went home to get some good zzz's! It was a gorgeous day and there really is nothing more relaxing then being out on the water...literally nothing that I can think of! I realized I got no people pictures, I guess I got too carried away with the beautiful Charleston scenery...oops!

Leaving Reds
Fort Sumter

Now back to to eating my delicious oatmeal, raisin, granola mix with a side of a pbj rice cake! I'm moving the end of the week and my food is dwindling down (raisins and granola came from the bridge run expo and I'm just obsessed with all my delicious peanut butters that I had to put them all on) which means creative eating for the next week :)

So many peanut butters so little time (and space on the rice cake)
Oatmeal Bowl!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)