Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad News, but Delicious Bread...

For the bad news first...I am so extremely sad to report that I have plantar fasciitis (granted it is a self-diagnosis)!! I can't explain how devastating this is to me, the heel of my foot is extremely sore and hurts whenever I walk.  It popped up on Tuesday night and has progressively gotten worse.  I did a spin class on Wednesday because I didn't think I could run...and yesterday I attempted to run which was extremely painful.  I decided to cut my run short because I didn't know what was going on and didn't want to injury myself more.  I have (knock on wood) never had a real severe running injury. Sure I have my soreness and complaints, but I have never had such a sharp, non-stop pain...until now :(

After talking to my dad, we figured out that it must have been from all my moving in sandals (warning everyone that is moving suffer through wearing tennis shoes even if it is hot out).  I haven't changed my running pattern, haven't increased milage or anything, and my shoes are new with custom inserts...the only thing different was moving!! But on the bright side, I am taking ibuprofen, icing, wearing my running shoes when I can, rolling a can on it, and stretching. I'm optimistic that I will have a speedy recovery and be back on the running track soon :) fingers crossed!

For better news...I found and made an amazing zucchini bread recipe! I have been going on and looking at their top 20 in attempts to make all 20.  I have made 7 of the top 20 recipes (it changes a little every week or so) and after every recipe I am eager to make another!  This was super simple and amazing because zucchini is on sale now! I was extremely happy with the recipe and ended up eating half a loaf in a day...oops! 

One with walnuts, One without :)
Big chunk!

After my baking was off to Costco for a huge buying excursion.  Of course as soon as I got back I was excited to dive into all the new food that I just bought (is that just me, or does it seem like everytime you go to the store you want to eat or wear whatever you just bought?!)!  I made a salad with vegetables and canned chicken salad; with a jumbo side of carrots and hummus...yes I eat healthy (portion control is my issue though)!! After that didn't fill me up, I made a bowl of noodles with sauce and a veggie burger and another bit of salad...that definitely did the trick :)

Lunch part 1...
Lunch part 2!

Off to the beach to enjoy my last Friday before summer classes start :)!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day...and keep your feet healthy. P.S. its Friday the 13th ek!

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