Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moving=Done-Zo :)

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe that it is already Wednesday, I have literally been on go mode all week.  I am happy to report that I have officially moved all my stuff into my new apartment and am putting the finishing touches on my room!  It is such a different environment and feel in this apartment, then my old apartment.  It wasn't until I moved out of my old apartment that I realized how tiny my room was and how cramped the living room was.  I feel like I can have a dance party in my new room, it isn't even that big, but compared to my old room it is like a master suite :)!!

It is a lot of work to move, I always forget until I'm actually moving how much stuff I have and how tedious it is to transfer stuff from one location to the next! But all the hard work has paid off and now I am in a new place that I get to put my own personal touches on.  It is definitely a step into the grown up world for me; from downtown to outskirts of town! I have a great feeling about the new place and am excited to make new memories. Plus people can actually visit me now and have a place to stay :)

Wow sorry old apartment...I just bashed it, but in actuality it really wasnt that bad; Im just very thankful for an upgrade!

Pictures of my new room :)

Still a work in progress need to hang up pictures!
Yes, I built that fine new book shelf all by myself (Miss Handy Lady over here)!

On Monday, Ali and I ran a bunch of errands and I bought a bunch of stuff to organize my room/kitchen!  We stopped in at World Market where I got a little side tracked on their wonderful selection of food (easily distracted when it comes to me and shopping)! I saw a new version of peanut butter and had to get it (it was basically calling to me) and it was a lot cheaper than I have seen it at any other store.  This peanut butter is more pricey than normal Jif or Peterpan, but I really enjoy it plus it is all natural and has so many variety of flavors! I also had to buy this GIANT pickle...I mean who can say no! 

Random purchases...gotta get my fixes of pickles and peanut butter!

When we got back from our longer than originally planned adventure (we both have massive add when it comes to food and shopping so always takes double or triple as long), we decided to make celebratory to the new apartment skinny margaritas!  This skinny margarita mix you can buy at bed bath and beyond, it only has 5 calories per serving, and it is super sweet so we really only use a splash. It is the perfect summer drink because it is so light and simple! After a few testers we found the perfect combination:
Our Recipe (in a big cup with ice):
2 shots of tequila
2 or 3 shots of the skinny margarita mix
fill the rest up with soda water (we used lemon-lime)
and squeeze limes and/or lemons in for an extra kick (we forgot, but def will remember for the next time)
Margarita preparation :)

As for yesterday, after running a ton of errands I enjoyed a wonderful late lunch on my new porch! It was a beautiful day and the porch is the perfect place to eat...not to mention the only table we have right now.  But it is so amazing to be able to eat and read outside without having to leave my apartment! It was the perfect break in my hectic day :)

Salad with black bean burger and side of salsa with beans :)
Close up...yumm!
Frozen blueberries and raspberries with coolwhip and smacks for dessert!

After running a few more errands, and finally getting to the grocery :), I got ready and headed out to meet up with my old roomies and some other friends! We went to Pearlz for happy hour (can't beat 95 cent homemade chips and 3 dollar wine) before heading to the Riverdogs game.  We got to the game around 7:30 and it was done by 9:15! Basically it was the shortest baseball game I have ever been to, or for that matter even heard of.  But I guess thats what happens when everyone gets struck out (quick ending)! Even though it was short, it was still a lot of fun and made me so happy that it is officially summer time! Plus, since it was so early I got to rent at the redbox No Strings Attached.  I saw the movie in the theaters and was really excited to be able to watch it again...especially for a dollar :)

Riverdogs game
Me and Ali...and a man in the background ha!

As for this morning, I started it off with a nice bacon fritta with a bunch of salsa!! Hope everyone has a great start of their day...and if you are in Charleston try not to get blown away :)

Breakfast of Champions!

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