Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Summer :)

Hi Friends!
So I have been MIA (for good reason) I have been super swamped up with studying and packing and ahh! Basically I have been living in a little bubble (didn't know about Osama being killed, the tornado, basically was in a hole ha), but now I'm back thank goodness and finally done with my first year of law school (fingers crossed)!!

A short recap...I am moving from my apartment downtown to right outside of downtown.  I absolutely loved the location of my apartment, there really is nothing better than being able to be able to walk everywhere.  I could walk to school, walk home from the bars, I could run around the battery, the ravennal bridge without having to drive; I am certainly going to miss the convenience.  BUT I am not going to miss certain features; like having a 5 bedroom 2 bath apartment (a little cramped), having homeless people dig through my trash (daily), the traffic and noise, and the small kitchen/living area.  It was a perfect apartment for my first year out of college, but I'm looking forward to living in a more "grown up" apartment.
Old Kitchen 
New Kitchen 

In preparation of my move, as I told yall, aside from eating all my sweet potatoes (only 5 left) I was planning on using up the majority of my food...which lead to some creative meals and snacks!   
Short recap:
First Place: Peanut Butter cookies with Oreos and Choc. Chips
Finished: a tub of peanut butter, thing of oreos and left over choc. chips!
(my first original recipe ever and they turned out pretty well)

Ground Turkey with Garden Veg Sauce over Lettuce
Finished: tomato sauce and salad

Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Cake=heaven
Finished: I got rid of my package of rice cakes (which then I bought a new one) and all my jelly!

Turkey burger with wheat bun
I had buns in the freezer (from making pulled pork) and 
Finished: all the ground turkey

Grilled Chicken and Green Beans
Freezer surprise: I had a chicken breast and a bag of steamed green beans
I first put a bunch of seasonings on the chicken then covered with BBQ sauce (amazing)
Finished: BBQ, chicken, frozen green beans

Salad with fettucini and sauce 
Finished: noodles (sauce and salad finished later in the week) and all my coffee and splenda

All and all, I was quite successful in eating the remainder of my food.  I know I didn't have to eat everything and I could easily have moved it but it was fun trying to mix and match food.  Plus I found food that I totally forgot I had.  After all this cleaning out it is safe to say that a MASSIVE grocery/costco run is in order...can't wait :)!! 

As for my moving, I realized that not only do I hoard some types of food (bread in the freezer I don't know why) but I also tend to hoard running shoes and rainbows.  I have so many pairs of running shoes and for whatever reason I can't let them go.  I have worn them down so I can't run in them anymore, but they can still be good for walking or doing yard work (because I have a yard and all...jk). And my rainbows are completely worn down or they are too big for me (I have a weird tendency to buy shoes that are too big because I secretly wish I didn't have midget feet).  But regardless, I hold on to all these shoes and won't let them go....hopefully I won't be on a future episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive ek!

A few of my cherished collection of shoes

Even though I know it is crazy I still kept them (got rid of one pair) and moved the shoes along with a bunch of other stuff.  I don't understand where all this stuff I have comes from...but there sure is a bunch of it! Let me just add that moving is one of the most annoying things ever, I mean you have to pack up stuff (go down 2 flights of stairs) then put it in a car then move it from the car to another spot (go up 5 flights of stairs) just to unpack what you packed...I mean come on (why can't it just transport itself?!)! But it certainly feels good to have the majority of my belongings at my new apartment.  Hopefully, tomorrow my bed and furniture will be moved so I can settle into my new place!!

Some of my stuff....

Trying to organize it in piles!

Day 1 of moving= fini :)

Hope everyone had a great Saturday and got to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather (at least in SC)! Off to enjoy some oatmeal and a sweet potato...definitely going on a big food run tomorrow :)

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