Monday, May 23, 2011

Protein Switches

Happy Monday!!
This weekend was amazing and definitely hit a refresh button in my book :)!  I got to relax, hang out with friends, go to the beach, run a little, go shopping (didnt buy, but looking is still fun), lay out at the pool and above all got to catch up with some of my college friends!! I have been so busy and out of the loop, so this weekend was definitely nice to slow down a little and play catch up (and boy did I have stuff to catch up on)!

Pre-Cheering to our New Apartment...Ali moves in on Tuesday!!
Wasps have taken over the apartment worries I killed it (after a lot of screaming)!

As for my new diet plan, it changed from a no carb diet to a lower carb diet! I can't completely restrict carbs from my diet, fruits and veggies are too important and make my body feel good (and function) so I am really just restricting bread, pasta, cereal, baked goods, etc.  Going low carb isn't as challenging as I thought it would be (at least not yet), I realized that I really don't eat that much bread (but did savor every bit of my last sandwich on Friday :) or pasta! The really difficult things for me is not being able to eat sweets or cereal (which I'm addicted to)! Growing up, I was never a fan of sweets (I rarely ate Halloween candy) but now I seem to be obsessed with baking and eating sweets...they are just so stinking good!! So we will see how long I can stay on the no cereal/sweet track...ek!

Last sandwich and hummus...soooo good!

This weekend, I realized how simple changes can be made to put more protein in my diet and take out carbs.  Ali and I went to Sweetwater Cafe, which we had heard was an amazing breakfast place and is so good that it usually has a wait on the weekends!  Luckily we got there right after the rush of people, I opted for a farm omelet which was packed with veggies (I was craving spinach in my omelet and got it)! It was hard to turn away the fresh homemade biscuit, but I was proud of myself when I did (so much willpower I know right?!)! But breakfast was a perfect example of my new diet plan...get protein from the eggs instead of carbs from pancakes or waffles (which their pancakes looked amazing and were the size of my face)!
Amazing breakfast with a healthy side (usually I would have picked grits or hashbrowns)

Surprisingly, I am happy that I posted about my changing in eating.  It has made me be more conscious of what I eat and instead of giving up...which I was almost convinced to do on Friday night (pizza), I have stuck it out (3 days woo woo)!!

Salad packed with protein (instead of pizza)
Eggs and bacon with sauteed tomatoes (instead of cereal with bananas)

In more exciting news (for myself) I have been able to ease into my running too.  I am starting off slow, which is a little frustrating, but at least I am running so I can't complain too much!! I ran 6 miles on Friday and 6 miles yesterday.  I am attempting to run every other day, until the tingling in my foot goes away! Once the pain is all gone, I will then be back to hopefully everyday running :)!!! I can't wait...and I can't begin to explain how amazing it feels to get back on my running shoes! I really didn't realize how much I love running until it was taken away from me for a whole week and half (I know, I know I'm a little dramatic but still...)!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful start of the week :) and don't forget the season premiere of the bachelorette is tonight!!!

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