Friday, May 20, 2011

Cookies and Diet Talk!

Good Morning!

My allergies are going crazy right now, note to self: really bad allergies mid May, so my TLC night turned into two nights.  I was planning on going to the Riverdogs game last night, but my eyes were so swollen I literally looked like an asian (no offense to anyone), so I decided that it was the best for me to not be outside with all this nasty pollen.  In hindsight it was a great decision, I was super bummed that I missed the game with all my friends, but after loading up on drugs from Harris Teeter I am feeling significantly better today...and yes I'm not looking like an asian any more!

As I was in the grocery store, getting all my drugs, I headed to the baking aisle to load up on chocolate chips to bake cookies for my night in!  I told you I'm turning into an old woman...baking cookies instead of going out! I have decided to buy the teeter brand chips (love Toll House) but the bag was more then half the price and I couldn't rationalize the more expensive, plus I figured I should try it and see if there really was a significant difference in the brands!  I decided that they don't have as strong as a chocolate flavor as the Toll House ones, but nonetheless I can't argue against the price!
Store brand Walnuts and Chocolate Chips
The best part of baking cookies---dough! really the only reason I made them tonight :)

When baking my cookies, I remembered for the first time since my birthday to use this awesome cookie paper pad thing that Ali gave me for my birthday.  I was so excited that I remembered it and interested to see how it actually works!  And let me tell is absolutely wonderful and works amazingly! There was no sticking, the cookies could even cool on the sheet and could still be removed with ease; basically this is a baking sheet dream (plus no need to use cooking spray, which I have a tendency to get all over the kitchen when baking)!!

Amazing baking mat (before baking)
After baking= easy removal :)

As for the more embarrassing, uncomfortable talk that I'm very hesitant to talk about; but figure I might as well and that blogging about it may actually benefit and help me stay on track: I am going on a food diet adventure!  I would like to call it an adventure or experiment and NOT a diet (though in actuality that's probably the classification for it).

Since I haven't been able to run for over a week and half (which I know doesn't seem like much time to some, but really is the longest I have gone in over 2 years without running), my body is starting to change.  Unfortunately, as I originally thought, I haven't healed within a week and it is still painful to run.  I have attempted to run twice this past week and both times there is a tingling pain on the side of my foot that doesn't go away.  I have gone to the gym a couple times this week and done weights, but no cardio other than my attempted runs and light riding on the bike (just not the same as a nice run). So, after looking in the mirror and stepping on the scale; I decided that without being able to workout as intense as usual I need help and maybe a slight change in my diet will be of assistance.

Now that being said, I am in no way saying that I am fat or that I have let myself go or anything along those lines.  I just like where my body is at my ideal weight and have been healthy and active while maintaining my healthy weight for almost a year.  In a sense, I just don't want all the hard work to be put aside based on my injury putting me on the sidelines of running!

Can't wait for these days to come back :/

So I have decided after a little research and chats with my dad that I'm going to go on a low-carb diet (not to be confused with no-carb diet).  This means that after my lunch today (packed it already so not going to put my sandwich to waste-obviously), I will be starting to cut out carbs.  After looking on websites some refer to this as "white out" which means take all the whites out- like rice, bread, cereal, cake, cookies, etc.  I cut back on my carbs when I was a sophomore in college and it helped kick start my healthy living change (after gaining my freshman 20) and so I figure until I can get back into the running saddle, I can attempt to restrict carbs- at least the "bad" carbs.

It is weird to publicize something that is so personal and rather embarrassing to admit, but maybe people can relate and have had a similar issue!  Off to eating my last sandwich (with bread) for the next few days!
Last cereal breakfast for awhile :)

Happy Friday :)

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  1. I eat a lower carb type diet and I love it. I never feel guilty about eating low/healthy carbs. Once you go low carb, you will stay away from the white carbs forever...I promise. That's okay though because they aren't really good for you anyway.