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I started writing this blog to keep me on track with my marathon training.  I am a person who needs to have lists to get anything done--and need accountability in order to be productive! So, enter my blog which details my running training, recipes/baking when I need stress relief and my sometimes crazy life.

I started running my Sophomore year of college at the best college in the world (maybe a little bias), Clemson University!  I had never struggled with weight growing up because I was always active and played sports.  But when I got to college; endless sugar cereal, pizza on speed dial and all you can eat cafes; created a much larger version of myself! I had gained the freshman 15  20 and after realizing that all you can eat cafeteria food doesn't mean all that you can physically put into your mouth; I decided I needed to get back into shape and started to run. Christmas break of my sophomore year, my dad signed me up for the Rock N' Roll half marathon in Nashville.  After a lot of training (could barely run a mile--to running the full 13.1) I finished the half marathon in April--and it was at that moment that I fell in love with running and have never looked back!

For me running isn't about losing weight (though maybe it started that way)--it is about enjoying the time to clear my head and just have fun.  I can honestly say that I love to run; it is my favorite hobby and am so blessed to find something that I have a passion for and keeps me healthy at the same time.  To date I have run 4 full marathons, a handful of half-marathons, a couple 10 milers, 10k's and 5k's.  As for my other passion...I enjoy to eat what I burn off! 

I love to eat and I love to bake.  I have never been the best at cooking--based on my personality, I like a recipe and I like to follow it rather than following whatever I think would go well together.  So I deem myself a baker and wannabe cook. When I get stressed out and when running doesn't do the trick, I take to the kitchen and bake.  For me, I love seeing results when I finish baking, it's a minor success!

As for my life-life: I just finished law school and am currently studying for the bar.  As you can see--my stress reliefs totally come in handy. I have an adorable Boykin Spaniel pup, Scout, who I think is the  best dog in the world (again, may be a little bias).  I have a great family and amazing friends who support me; and a wonderful boyfriend, Drew, who puts up with my shenanigans :).  So welcome to One Hungry Runner! 

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