Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rain is a Good Thing :)

Happy Rainy Wednesday!
I have been struggling for the past two weeks with this silly paper, which right now I'm about to throw my computer across the figured I should blog instead :)

I woke up around 6:45, which felt super late to me! Waking up time is a strange thing: I used to wake up at 6 every morning in high school and decided my first semester in college that 8am classes would be like sleeping in (little did I know) and the remainder of college wake up time was 9am or 10am.  But it seems that I have retracted to my good ol' high school years where 6am seems to be the usual and sleeping until 6:45 is like sleeping in! I should disclose that I always go to bed early (around 10:30) and am much more of a morning person than night owl; so it really shouldn't have been a surprise to me that I'm now an early riser once again!!

I talked to my Dad in Atlanta a little about my eating habits and what I can to change it up a little bit.  I think I know what healthy foods are versus unhealthy foods; and I consider myself a healthy eater for the most part.  But my big issue is portion control and my constant love of grazing and eating. Basically I eat well, I just eat a lot...which can be counterproductive.  He told me a little hint that I have started to apply and we will see if it works for me...breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince (or queen-he said I could eat a little more because I'm active) and dinner like a peasant (or piper...but I dont know what that is so Im going with peasant).  This morning I followed my Dad's advice and instead of just having 2 eggs or a bowl of oatmeal; I ate like a king or more so prince but still I ate more than I usually do.  I had 2 eggs with ketchup on the side and then had a peanut butter and jelly english muffin!! It was basically like having two normal breakfasts, but since I'm eating like a King now I thought it was appropriate.
Part 1 of Breakfast...
Part 2 of breakfast!
As for lunch today, Im trying to eat like a queen because I'm going to get in an interval workout on the treadmill after class today (I'll post the workout's a total butt kicker!) I had a big chicken salad with the Harry and David sauces from Friday's dinner (artichoke and tomatoes plus a ton of flavva) with mushrooms and a hardboil egg for an added protein punch (and a side of coffee...drinking too many cups these days)!! 
lunch for a queen

Now back to school, back to school to prove to dad I'm not a fool....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recap of the weekend!

Good morning!
This weekend was a blast and super packed.  My best friend, Laura, came into town on Thursday after my class was over (she is on spring break...lucky!) and we headed to happy hour and out for dinner.  We got an amazing pizza app for 3 dollars with some vino before heading to get sushi.  It was a perfect evening of catching up and hang out.  Laura is one of my favorite people, she definitely helped me relax and have fun even though I was super stressed out!
Wine at Social...Gorgeous day! 

Friday morning, my only class got cancelled!! That never happens so I knew it was going to be an amazing start of the weekend.  Laura and I went around Charleston and did a little shopping and walking.  It wasnt too warm out, so couldnt take advantage of the beach---but shopping is an excellent alternative.  We decided to make a big dinner before going out that night.  We made rotini with meat sauce and had amazing Harry and David brucetta and merlot laced artichoke toppings for a loaf (or two) of wheat bread.

We even convinced ourselves that night to relive our college days and split a four loco (4 ways...and I couldnt even finish mine dont know how I drank that stuff)!

On Saturday, Laura left and I went on a long walk with Annie.  We really haven't had time to talk because she and I are both really busy, so it was awesome catching up with her.  Plus the weather was amazing and we both are now sporting some awkward sports-bra tans!  That night I went to Rita's in Folly Beach with Megan, Brandon and Drew.  I got a huge grilled chicken sandwich, which literally I had a small fraction of--it was gigantic. It was really nice catching up with them, haven't seen them in forever either!  Guess we could call my Saturday--a catch up day (not ketchup)!

As for Sunday and Monday, they were both overcast and rainy...which made it perfect for paper writing!! I have been writing this for weeks, its a marathon of writing but the finish line is in sight (can't wait).

Thats for the recap of the weekend...normal post later :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (as Mr. Rogers would say)

Happy Thursday!! 
After my little freak out yesterday, I told myself that no matter what today was going to be an amazing day!! I just have to give myself a little pep talk every once and a while.  Thanks again for baring with me after that last post.

I started today off with a super early wake up at 5:30.  Surprisingly (to me), Christina was up and getting ready to go to work so I had a little company in the wee-morning hours.  I got my cup of coffee with bowl of oatmeal (put fresh black berries into the usual mix of craisins and granola with cinnamon) and it was back to work for a little bit.  I decided to go on an early morning run, because Laura is coming today :), and I wanted to make sure that I got a little run in before she came.  I only got 3.5 miles in and went really slow, because my legs still aren't normal since the race on Sunday (the hills really killed my calves but they are getting better everyday) so I am taking it a little easier then normal.  Best part of the run was my refound love of running in the morning! Everyone seems to be so happy and alert ready to greet the day.  Plus most everyone says "goodmorning" to each other, which I absolutely love.  I am going to need to wake up for morning runs more often, especially with the summer heat right around the corner! 

As for my little break in my Thursday which I usually will go for my run, I had time to make an amazing lunch and snack a little bit while doing some work and blogging of course (and blog stalking)!

Snack number 1: popchips...they are all gone now :( 

Snack two: apple with two types of peanut butter :)

Literally my two favorite snacks in the world...can't have a bad day with all this yummy snacking going on!! Thanks again to my big sis for these wonderful peanut butters (cant believe I still have some left)...seriously if you havent had peanut butter co's peanut butter or popchips- go out and get some now because you are totally missing out on some phenomenal guilty pleasures made (a little) healthier!

Now time to dig into the main event, a huge salad with mushrooms, avocado, egg and chili pepper chicken (marinated it this morning)!


Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day outside!! Lets hope the warm weather is here to stay :) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little motivation (for myself)

WARNING: this is going to be completely boring to read so you probably don't want to...

I have a HUGE paper due next week and have been super stressed out lately about it.  To vent for a little bit (I promise just a little) school is a lot more challenging then I thought it would.  It's definitely a commitment and love-hate relationship which is harder then anything I have ever voluntarily gone through.  I enjoy going to 2 of my classes, feel like I get a lot out of 3 of my classes, am confused and bored in my other 2 classes...basically if it wasn't for the 3 classes I get to take there is no way I would still be in school. They send you through the ropes with very little information or guidance, which maybe it's just different from any other experience where I am babied through, but it is extremely challenging to try and write a paper when you have no idea where to even start and researching never seems to stop until I tell myself enough is enough! Well enough of my vent get through these times I needed a little reminder of what gets me through and why I do what I do and actually love my life everyday (despite the little challenges)...

1. My wonderful, supportive family...if it wasn't for their constant support I would not have been able to get to the place I am today (not even close) they are always there for me and listen to my concerns and problems when no one else ever would.  I have the best parents that I could ever ask for and am forever grateful for their constant, unconditional love (even when Im a super pain in the booty), they are my rocks and I will never be able to thank them enough.  I am so blessed that I have a wonderful, amazing sister who I have followed in the footsteps since I was a baby (why else would I be a psych major and go to clemson) and is still there to pick me up when Im down.  I will forever aspire to be as good of a person as my sister is and forever look up to her!

2. My friends.  For whatever reason, I have been so blessed with the best friends anyone could ask for.  I am so happy that I can go home and still catch up with my best friends that I knew in elementary school and we pick up right where we left off (I do need to be better at keeping in touch-but I will always love the core-four)!  I was surprised when I got to college and quickly made friends that I still continue to be best friends with and have been able to see them even though we have moved away in different places.  And I am forever blessed that I met my best friend when I was just 2 years old and we are closer then ever today (sandboxes or not)!

Wow that was a lot of for the other things (promise I'll limit it to 10 if you are even reading this) 

3. Running: my therapy and chance to be by myself and calm 
4. Cooking-baking in particular, especially when stressed gotta love a fresh baked cookie
5. Beach- sun and sand yes please
6. Warm Weather- Im always cold so need that warm air, makes everyone happier and active
7. Charleston and the state of SC (maybe small but I feel in love with this state)
8. Chick-Flicks and Girly books- I love romantic comedies and books that are for pleasure only
9. Learning- there is always something to learn be that from the man down the street or in a classroom (keeps life interesting)
10. The excitement of the unknown (I love my routine but there is always something different that happens everyday; keeps life interesting) 

If you read this, I warned you it was going to be boring.  As for me...back to knocking out this paper :( 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Half Marathon Weekend :)

So I am happy to report that we all finished the race (be that half or full) with smiles on our faces!! My dad kicked booty and finished the full marathon with his friend Ed in under 4:30 and Christina finished in 1:52 and me just over 1:50 (a little bummed I wanted to get in the 1:40ies...but oh well!) The Atlanta course is sooo hilly I can't even begin to explain! Training on basically flat ground to running a race that is all vertical (running downhills kills the quads too) was definitely a challenge.  I must say that my legs are still tight based on the drastic change of terrain...but all and all it was a great, challenging, beautiful race and I'm proud to say that I completed it (and even more glad that I decided to back out of the full and stick with the half)!!
Marathon Finishers 

On Saturday, before the race (on Sunday), my dad and I ventured down to the coke museum after picking up our packets and treats from the expo.  Which I should add that the publix atlanta marathon expo was amazing, it was jammed packed with stuff and people everywhere and I gotta admit I love all the free larabars, granola, etc that I got (some expos are just so-so which is a bummer, but this one was amazing...good work publix!). I felt like I was at disney world when we got to the coca-cola museum, there were so many people everywhere standing in line.  The museum was pretty cool and really neat to see how they bottle and make coke products.  The best part of all was sampling all the different beverages from around the world (note to self: if you are ever in Italy don't drink Beverly...tasted like nail polish remover mixed with liquorish ek!).  But if you are ever in Atlanta, the Coca-Cola museum is one to check out based on all the history and cool little facts you get (plus a lot less wait then at the aquarium)!
World of Coke :)
The Olympic about motivation!

Bad to the Bone...Dad with his cool shades

After the muesum, we went back to the hotel where I finished my book by Emily Giffin.  I can't explain to you how much I love her books.  She is an awesome author and her books are always such quick reads...and she even went to law school (which I think is really cool...maybe Ill follow her path-probs not though)!  I waited for a year to get this book on paperback and finished it within 2 days, so that my dad could bring it back for my sister to read---just to learn that she bought it in hardback last year and  finished it over a year ago--but it was still a good excuse to finish my book!
Amazing book

We ate a huge carbo-loading pasta dinner with my dad's friend Ed to prepare for the 7 am race! I got chicken marsala for the first time which I have no idea why I haven't ordered it before--chicken, mushrooms, gravy...who could ask for more?! Then it was a nice 5 am wake up call with my pre-race breakfast--coffee, water, lunabar, and banana (works everytime)! I felt energized and excited for my race.  We met up with Christina and her parents before the race, and then we were off to run a grueling 13.1 miles :)
Pre race meal

Before the race

26.2 aint got nothing on dad!

All and all it was a great weekend and I was so happy that I got to spend some time with my daddy.  It is always amazing to see people finish marathons and half-marathons, it is such an accomplishment and takes so much drive and will-power to train and break through the 'wall.'  I am so proud of everyone that finished the race...and I think Christina may even have turned into a racing girl :)!!
Finishing with all smiles :)

Dad passing someone on the last bit...

GA marathoner!

To quote my sister, "pain is temporary, pride is forever" :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food Adventure!

Happy Hump Day!! I don't know about anyone else, but "springing" the clocks ahead an hour has created a dark start of my day.  I'm a morning person and love the idea of being up before the sun comes up, it makes me feel more productive :) I started my morning off right with 2 fried eggs, coffee and a few handfuls of cereal (thanks to Christina who gave up cereal for lent and gave me all her cereal...which is now all finished oops...what can I say I love cereal!).  

Breakfast of Champions 

Since I'm leaving this weekend for the half in Atlanta, I am determined not to go to the grocery store which means a creative week of eating for me!  As my coffee was brewing this morning,  I decided to make hard-boiled eggs since I have a whole carton and pretty much no other food.  Hard-boiled eggs are easy to eat anywhere and are filled with protein, plus they are so dang tasty that I figured why not!  

There were only 3!

So may not seem too creative...but then as I was searching my pantry (or shelf in the kitchen I should say) and found a couple boxes of jello!! I have a weird obsession for jello and things with weird consistencies (oysters, yogurt, you name it) its so jiggly that it really is fun to eat :) My sister hates weird consistencies, so I have no idea how I have the complete opposite problem! 


My eating adventure continued with a box of tofu noodles in red curry. To some people this maybe normal, but to me I have never: a. tried tofu or b. tried red curry, so this was definitely a first for me on many accounts.  The box was on sale at the grocery and when I was picking out carrots, a girl told me that it was really tasty so I figured why not try it...I was a little hesitant and think that curry is a flavor that you need to learn to like, but overall it was pretty good (dont know if I'd buy it again, but I never turn down trying new foods)! 
Curry Noodles

As for the rest of my 75 degree hump day, I took to doing work on our porch and finally finished Who Loves You Best a book that Mary Foster let me borrow.  It is a great read and would recommend it to any girl to read.  It is about the relationships between Mothers and children, made me appreciate my mama...and not want to have children for a very long time at the same time! 

Study time....

followed by reading time :)

I hope everyone had a great day and I will leave you with a random and less than pretty picture!  My finger nail was slammed in a refrigerator door over a month ago and my nail has been bruised and hanging in there...but it seems that any day now the nail is going to fall off (talk about gross!) I'll keep yall updated on my fingernail status (as I'm sure everyone wants to hear about)!! 

Middle Finger :(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beginning of the End...

I am happy to report that after a long and grueling 10.5 hour drive (supposed to take 8.5 hours) I made it safely back to Charleston! I was savoring every last minute of spring break, so needless to say it was a super jammed-packed weekend of running, cleaning, beach time, reading and really getting back into the swing of things.  

This Sunday is the Atlanta is crazy how quickly time is passing by.  I have been pretty slack on my running based on all my traveling and catching up with school work, plus adding body pump and new workout routines into the mix; I have neglected my running a little bit more than I would like to admit.  But realizing this I kicked it into high gear this weekend and knocked out an 11.5 mile run on Saturday and then a speedy (for me) 7:30 pace for around 4 miles on Sunday with a rest day yesterday.  The long run felt amazing and really gave me the confidence I need to have going into the race on Sunday :)

As for my diet, I realized that I haven't been paying attention to what I have been eating recently and kind of let myself go (not crazily or anything but enough for me to notice and want to make a change).  So I thought that it was the perfect time to give up for lent, some of the unhealthy habits that I have acquired over the past few months! At first I juggled with the idea of giving up alcohol cold-turkey, but then decided against it.

So after much deliberation I decided to give up two things (I am indecisive so I couldn't decide on which one so I picked two)! First, I realized that I have started to eat a ton of food right before bedtime, for whatever reason I love having a full belly before I go to sleep! So I decided to give up eating after dinner (its going to be really really tough for me). And I also gave up sweets, because its one of the first times I can remember that my birthday didn't fall during lent (can't give up birthday cake)! By putting it out there hopefully I will stay on top of my promise and overcome the cravings :) we shall see...

My usual late night cravings include but not limited to...

Apples with lots of Peanut Butter....
and my favorite oatmeal :)

As for today, I have a packed day with school and reading with my last 6 mile run before the race squeezed into the mix and hopefully a trip to Costco :) (no more hummus=much needed trip to costco!) 

One garbanzo bean left...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break at Home :)

I rarely get time to come home, so I always take advantage of breaks when I can have enough time to visit with my friends and family for more than a day! After my quick trip to Greenville/Clemson, I headed up I-85 up to good ol' Maryland :).  The trip home was filled with rain and traffic...but the ending point is always well worth the struggle getting here!

I've had an awesome couple of days hanging with my family and even got to see some of my friends from high school last night.  It is comforting coming home to the familiar faces and places I grew up with for so many years.  I do tell you my town is growing up and getting so much bigger-we even have a chipotle now (craziness!!!) but under the new facade it's still the place I like to call home :)

Chicken Burrito Bowl
Mama eating her Chipotle (sorry mouth full)!

Mom and I went on an adventure into DC on Tuesday, after our trip to check out the new chipotle (definitely gets my approval), and stopped in to see my big sis at her real life job!! It's still crazy to me that everyone that I grew up with is all grown up and has lives of their own.  I guess still taking classes and being in school with zero income of my own really makes it seem like I'm not a grown-up, but seeing everyone around me as grown-ups I guess I'm getting there too (slowly but surely...ek)!

Capital outside of Union Station
My Big Sis-all grown up!

After our trip to DC, we ate my mom's famous tuna-surprise (the surprise is peas) at Lee and Jeff's; where Mom and Camden got into a tug-a-war for about an hour and we all watched Love and Other Drugs (Lee felt a little uncomfortable haha)! Yesterday, I hung out with my daddy and went on a shopping spree at Road Runner Sports (where I finally switched running shoes from Nike to Brooks)! Dad and I did quite the shopping excursion before squeezing in a quick work-out together. I have been feeling a little under the weather, so we didn't run in the 40 degree weather and opted for the gym so I wouldn't get any sicker :( but all and all it was fun and we completed a little over 5 miles together on the treadmills next to each other!

Last night, I met up with a few of my best friends from high school (thanks to Marie who got everyone together)! I could only stay for a couple hours (supposed to be an hour but turned into two before dinner with the family), but had a blast catching up with everyone and didn't want to leave.  I haven't seen many of them since this summer or even further back then that! It was really great to see everyone and it seems like we just picked up where we left off :) If I haven't mentioned it before, I had the best experience growing up and the most supportive friends I could ever ask for and they definitely continue to be amazing (core four forever :))!
High-school reunion...kinda
Me and Marie :)
Caitlin and Marie

So I was super late for dinner, but my family understood and we had an awesome LATE dinner (9:45) filled with steak, salmon, salad, sweet potatoes, 'shrooms (had to keep with the S theme of dinner)! Post-dinner excitement was bound to happen- I swear when my sister and I get together our 10 year-old selves come out and we are back acting as immature as possible (thanks to everyone who puts up with our antics)! Lee was amazing and bought me as part 2 of my birthday gift all these amazing goodies from Roots (an organic food store in town).  We had a peanut-butter tasting contest and I think it was a tie...but since I gave up sweets for lent I went with the chocolate peanut-butter (because i was told that it isnt a sweet so the more 'non-sweet' chocolate concoctions the merrier)!
I come home to these two...Dad and Lee cooking
Our 'S' Fest
My Plate-yes I demolished it!
Jeff with a steak plate...not a salad plate haha!
Yes, we are mature...
with our peanut butter winners :)

As for today, I was originally planning on heading back to Charleston but since it is basically flooding outside I decided it was best to stay for another day (plus some convincing from my Mom and Marie helped sway me otherwise)! It was definitely for the best since this morning I woke up, feeling even more under the weather :( but hopefully with today as a rest and heavily medicated and apple and soup eating day I will be feeling better (they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away--Im on count 3 for apples today)!

Hope everyone is enjoying the break from the sunshine and having a wonderful, rainy day :) On the bright side, it can only get sunnier!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Break First Weekend=BFFs+Greenville+Clemson+Amazingness!

El Jimador (second time in a month)!

Welcome Spring Break...Welcome Reunion!! The first weekend of my spring break was all about reuniting with my best friends from college.  It was definitely an amazing weekend, despite all the rain.  We bee-lined it to El Jimador as soon as I got into Clemson on Friday evening (which I was informed that I made a mistake on my blog and El Jimador is the person that cuts down the tequila plant not avocado which is so much cooler)! Charlotte and Lauren took a little study break to join us for dinner and I got to catch up with Augie and Becca who recently got engaged (such a cute proposal story...congrats again)!  Then it was off to hitting downtown Clemson for a little reunion partying :)

Out for the night :)
Laura and I after getting a birthday serenade! 

We had an awesome girls night out.  It is so much fun to catch up with the girls and we literally always have the best times together.  On Friday, we decided to make a HUGE breakfast for lunch (call it lupper...but we did have dinner later on soo we will leave it as lunch).  We made pancakes, eggs, sausage, turkey bacon (for me), cantaloupe and kiwi...basically put waffle house/IHOP to shame!  After breakfast, we did our nails BUT we used these new nail polish decals called Salon Effects by Sally Hansen (makes traditional nail polish seem boring and ancient).  I have never gotten so many reactions and comments about my nails, but I will tell you these things are pretty cool!

Breakfast platter
Collide-a-scope Nail Polish

On Saturday, we went to Greenville to see Paige sing the National Anthem at the Road Warriors Hockey game at the BiLo center.  Yes, my best friend is abnormally talented and does get gigs to sing every once and a while (she completely nailed it and gave me chills)! It is amazing how all of my friends are so talented, I'm so lucky they let me hang out with them.  I'm definitely not as talented as all my friends, but we decided that I do have one mad skill...I can abnormally find four leaf clovers (guess some of us are just THAT talented)! 

See Paige Sing 
Hockey Game (second in a el jimador)

Post-Game/Singing Dinner

After the game, we all headed to the Ale House in downtown Greenville for dinner and drinks.  It was amazing to catch up with Paige's family and hang out with everyone for a more relaxing evening.  It was a great weekend and I am so happy that I got to hang out with my best friends all weekend long!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend :)