Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food Adventure!

Happy Hump Day!! I don't know about anyone else, but "springing" the clocks ahead an hour has created a dark start of my day.  I'm a morning person and love the idea of being up before the sun comes up, it makes me feel more productive :) I started my morning off right with 2 fried eggs, coffee and a few handfuls of cereal (thanks to Christina who gave up cereal for lent and gave me all her cereal...which is now all finished oops...what can I say I love cereal!).  

Breakfast of Champions 

Since I'm leaving this weekend for the half in Atlanta, I am determined not to go to the grocery store which means a creative week of eating for me!  As my coffee was brewing this morning,  I decided to make hard-boiled eggs since I have a whole carton and pretty much no other food.  Hard-boiled eggs are easy to eat anywhere and are filled with protein, plus they are so dang tasty that I figured why not!  

There were only 3!

So may not seem too creative...but then as I was searching my pantry (or shelf in the kitchen I should say) and found a couple boxes of jello!! I have a weird obsession for jello and things with weird consistencies (oysters, yogurt, you name it) its so jiggly that it really is fun to eat :) My sister hates weird consistencies, so I have no idea how I have the complete opposite problem! 


My eating adventure continued with a box of tofu noodles in red curry. To some people this maybe normal, but to me I have never: a. tried tofu or b. tried red curry, so this was definitely a first for me on many accounts.  The box was on sale at the grocery and when I was picking out carrots, a girl told me that it was really tasty so I figured why not try it...I was a little hesitant and think that curry is a flavor that you need to learn to like, but overall it was pretty good (dont know if I'd buy it again, but I never turn down trying new foods)! 
Curry Noodles

As for the rest of my 75 degree hump day, I took to doing work on our porch and finally finished Who Loves You Best a book that Mary Foster let me borrow.  It is a great read and would recommend it to any girl to read.  It is about the relationships between Mothers and children, made me appreciate my mama...and not want to have children for a very long time at the same time! 

Study time....

followed by reading time :)

I hope everyone had a great day and I will leave you with a random and less than pretty picture!  My finger nail was slammed in a refrigerator door over a month ago and my nail has been bruised and hanging in there...but it seems that any day now the nail is going to fall off (talk about gross!) I'll keep yall updated on my fingernail status (as I'm sure everyone wants to hear about)!! 

Middle Finger :(

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