Friday, March 4, 2011

I wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy...

So my hair is a little out of control when i get out of the shower (nothing that detangler can't fix)!  Ill make my b-day recap short and it actually was!  My day started with a big breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast (I wanted to have a big meal for the start of my 23 year) as well as many cups of coffee and a little school reading!
Nothing like Civ Pro on your B-day

My day went pretty normally, went to class, then had amazing leftovers from five loaves, and went for an amazing 6 mile run in the warm sunshine!  After my run, there was more reading for Thursday's classes and then I got ready for an amazing happy hour/dinner with the girls.  I enjoy having smaller dinners for my birthday, rather than big ones where you can't really talk to everyone, maybe thats just me but I loved dinner!  We went to pearlz for a couple drinks before heading to snob for dinner.  Everyone seemed to love what they ordered...I know I did (salmon with spinach and mushroom crepe thing soo delicious) and they give amazing bread baskets which we definitely went through a few baskets of the corn bread! They then brought out an amazing piece of chocolate pie which everyone dove into.  I had an amazing start of 23 and can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!! And yes I was in bed by 10:30...guess I'm getting older :/

Chocolate Pie :)
Happy 23rd :)

Now for the super exciting part...ITS SPRING BREAK!!! Im headed to Clemson/Greenville for a reunion weekend with my best friends!!! I can't wait :) Hope everyone has an amazing start of their weekend!!!

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