Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Break First Weekend=BFFs+Greenville+Clemson+Amazingness!

El Jimador (second time in a month)!

Welcome Spring Break...Welcome Reunion!! The first weekend of my spring break was all about reuniting with my best friends from college.  It was definitely an amazing weekend, despite all the rain.  We bee-lined it to El Jimador as soon as I got into Clemson on Friday evening (which I was informed that I made a mistake on my blog and El Jimador is the person that cuts down the tequila plant not avocado which is so much cooler)! Charlotte and Lauren took a little study break to join us for dinner and I got to catch up with Augie and Becca who recently got engaged (such a cute proposal story...congrats again)!  Then it was off to hitting downtown Clemson for a little reunion partying :)

Out for the night :)
Laura and I after getting a birthday serenade! 

We had an awesome girls night out.  It is so much fun to catch up with the girls and we literally always have the best times together.  On Friday, we decided to make a HUGE breakfast for lunch (call it lupper...but we did have dinner later on soo we will leave it as lunch).  We made pancakes, eggs, sausage, turkey bacon (for me), cantaloupe and kiwi...basically put waffle house/IHOP to shame!  After breakfast, we did our nails BUT we used these new nail polish decals called Salon Effects by Sally Hansen (makes traditional nail polish seem boring and ancient).  I have never gotten so many reactions and comments about my nails, but I will tell you these things are pretty cool!

Breakfast platter
Collide-a-scope Nail Polish

On Saturday, we went to Greenville to see Paige sing the National Anthem at the Road Warriors Hockey game at the BiLo center.  Yes, my best friend is abnormally talented and does get gigs to sing every once and a while (she completely nailed it and gave me chills)! It is amazing how all of my friends are so talented, I'm so lucky they let me hang out with them.  I'm definitely not as talented as all my friends, but we decided that I do have one mad skill...I can abnormally find four leaf clovers (guess some of us are just THAT talented)! 

See Paige Sing 
Hockey Game (second in a el jimador)

Post-Game/Singing Dinner

After the game, we all headed to the Ale House in downtown Greenville for dinner and drinks.  It was amazing to catch up with Paige's family and hang out with everyone for a more relaxing evening.  It was a great weekend and I am so happy that I got to hang out with my best friends all weekend long!! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend :)

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