Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Half Marathon Weekend :)

So I am happy to report that we all finished the race (be that half or full) with smiles on our faces!! My dad kicked booty and finished the full marathon with his friend Ed in under 4:30 and Christina finished in 1:52 and me just over 1:50 (a little bummed I wanted to get in the 1:40ies...but oh well!) The Atlanta course is sooo hilly I can't even begin to explain! Training on basically flat ground to running a race that is all vertical (running downhills kills the quads too) was definitely a challenge.  I must say that my legs are still tight based on the drastic change of terrain...but all and all it was a great, challenging, beautiful race and I'm proud to say that I completed it (and even more glad that I decided to back out of the full and stick with the half)!!
Marathon Finishers 

On Saturday, before the race (on Sunday), my dad and I ventured down to the coke museum after picking up our packets and treats from the expo.  Which I should add that the publix atlanta marathon expo was amazing, it was jammed packed with stuff and people everywhere and I gotta admit I love all the free larabars, granola, etc that I got (some expos are just so-so which is a bummer, but this one was amazing...good work publix!). I felt like I was at disney world when we got to the coca-cola museum, there were so many people everywhere standing in line.  The museum was pretty cool and really neat to see how they bottle and make coke products.  The best part of all was sampling all the different beverages from around the world (note to self: if you are ever in Italy don't drink Beverly...tasted like nail polish remover mixed with liquorish ek!).  But if you are ever in Atlanta, the Coca-Cola museum is one to check out based on all the history and cool little facts you get (plus a lot less wait then at the aquarium)!
World of Coke :)
The Olympic torches...talk about motivation!

Bad to the Bone...Dad with his cool shades

After the muesum, we went back to the hotel where I finished my book by Emily Giffin.  I can't explain to you how much I love her books.  She is an awesome author and her books are always such quick reads...and she even went to law school (which I think is really cool...maybe Ill follow her path-probs not though)!  I waited for a year to get this book on paperback and finished it within 2 days, so that my dad could bring it back for my sister to read---just to learn that she bought it in hardback last year and  finished it over a year ago--but it was still a good excuse to finish my book!
Amazing book

We ate a huge carbo-loading pasta dinner with my dad's friend Ed to prepare for the 7 am race! I got chicken marsala for the first time which I have no idea why I haven't ordered it before--chicken, mushrooms, gravy...who could ask for more?! Then it was a nice 5 am wake up call with my pre-race breakfast--coffee, water, lunabar, and banana (works everytime)! I felt energized and excited for my race.  We met up with Christina and her parents before the race, and then we were off to run a grueling 13.1 miles :)
Pre race meal

Before the race

26.2 aint got nothing on dad!

All and all it was a great weekend and I was so happy that I got to spend some time with my daddy.  It is always amazing to see people finish marathons and half-marathons, it is such an accomplishment and takes so much drive and will-power to train and break through the 'wall.'  I am so proud of everyone that finished the race...and I think Christina may even have turned into a racing girl :)!!
Finishing with all smiles :)

Dad passing someone on the last bit...

GA marathoner!

To quote my sister, "pain is temporary, pride is forever" :)


  1. I love this!!! You both rocked it and look amazing! Way to go GA half marathoner!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats! I'm still working on running a mile...haha!