Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Day as a 22 year old :)

Happy March!! Today is officially the last day before I become an old lady at the age of 23 :).  My 21st year was a tough act to follow, but 22 hung in there pretty well (still 21 won out on that race)!  The most changes in my life thus far have occurred in my 22nd year, which is pretty intense looking back at this past year and everything that has gone on and the person I have become today.  A recap on my 22nd year...I'll try to keep it short :)

Happy 22nd Birthday!

 My last birthday was amazing.  I was still in Clemson, after graduating early I stuck around to be with my best friends while working odd jobs (Outback waitress, Census Enumerator...you name it), and loving the relaxing college lifestyle.  I really had no worries when I was in college.  I am extremely blessed and thought I knew how lucky I was, but looking back I see how extremely lucky I am.  I have the best friends anyone could ask for, an amazing supportive family, I am healthy and active, I am now in law school and really don't have many worries in my life.  I would just like to say thank you to all of you that have been by my side, through the ups and downs, I love you so much and am forever grateful! Wow look at what reminiscing does :)

Cheers to senior year
Last year around my birthday I was going through a rough patch, after going through a pretty bad break up, but my best friends made my birthday super special and one that I will never forget!  We went to El Jimador (our favorite mexican restaurant) where things got a little out of hand...which resulted in me now possessing a big sombrero! But it was a great kick off to 22

Laura and I my birthday last year!

That spring break, I went on an awesome trip with a few girls to Fort Lauderdale where we relaxed by the pool and beach all week long! Ohh what I would give to be there now :) After spring break, we could all feel the tension that undergrad was coming to an end and we all tried our hardest to make the most of it...and definitely succeeded at that.  The end of senior year was amazing and made all of our friends closer because we knew that all the little fusses really didn't matter and in the end we made incredible friends!
Spring break 2010
Chi Omega Seniors :)
Graduation May 2010
After graduation, a few of us stayed until the end of May/June and played out our undergrad lives a little longer.  The end of June, I packed up my all my stuff that I had accumulated over the past 4 years of college and moved to Charleston with a few of my amazing sorority sisters (and Mary Foster who was already there)! The summer flew by with a ton of fun times in the sun and sand (beach 10 minutes away-yes please)!
Couple crazy roomies 
Clemson overlooking lake hartwell to....
Charleston over the cooper river bridge!

As the summer ended, law school quickly came upon me.  I will never forget how nervous and intimidated I was entering law school.  They threw us in there and I learned slowly but surely how to adapt to the intense work-load and new social atmosphere.  Charleston and year 1 out of college has been a huge change, and I'm still adapting everyday.

New Roomies :)
Clemson Girls!
Law school pals!
Even though there were some bad times, the good far surpassed the bad in my 22nd year; which I have wonderful family and friends to thank! In sum my 22nd year; I grew up a lot (still growing): I started law school, moved to Charleston, left undergrad, had my heart broken, maintained amazing friends, made new friends, communicated better with my family, learned a ton about myself, ran 2 half-marathons, studied and played hard, and in the end started to feel a little more established and proud of what I have done and where I am going!

Minneapolis Half Marathon with my daddy :)

So cheers to the end of 22 and welcome 23 :)

(no four loco will be drunk this year, and hopefully not drinking out of red cups either!)

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