Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recap of the weekend!

Good morning!
This weekend was a blast and super packed.  My best friend, Laura, came into town on Thursday after my class was over (she is on spring break...lucky!) and we headed to happy hour and out for dinner.  We got an amazing pizza app for 3 dollars with some vino before heading to get sushi.  It was a perfect evening of catching up and hang out.  Laura is one of my favorite people, she definitely helped me relax and have fun even though I was super stressed out!
Wine at Social...Gorgeous day! 

Friday morning, my only class got cancelled!! That never happens so I knew it was going to be an amazing start of the weekend.  Laura and I went around Charleston and did a little shopping and walking.  It wasnt too warm out, so couldnt take advantage of the beach---but shopping is an excellent alternative.  We decided to make a big dinner before going out that night.  We made rotini with meat sauce and had amazing Harry and David brucetta and merlot laced artichoke toppings for a loaf (or two) of wheat bread.

We even convinced ourselves that night to relive our college days and split a four loco (4 ways...and I couldnt even finish mine dont know how I drank that stuff)!

On Saturday, Laura left and I went on a long walk with Annie.  We really haven't had time to talk because she and I are both really busy, so it was awesome catching up with her.  Plus the weather was amazing and we both are now sporting some awkward sports-bra tans!  That night I went to Rita's in Folly Beach with Megan, Brandon and Drew.  I got a huge grilled chicken sandwich, which literally I had a small fraction of--it was gigantic. It was really nice catching up with them, haven't seen them in forever either!  Guess we could call my Saturday--a catch up day (not ketchup)!

As for Sunday and Monday, they were both overcast and rainy...which made it perfect for paper writing!! I have been writing this for weeks, its a marathon of writing but the finish line is in sight (can't wait).

Thats for the recap of the weekend...normal post later :)

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