Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break at Home :)

I rarely get time to come home, so I always take advantage of breaks when I can have enough time to visit with my friends and family for more than a day! After my quick trip to Greenville/Clemson, I headed up I-85 up to good ol' Maryland :).  The trip home was filled with rain and traffic...but the ending point is always well worth the struggle getting here!

I've had an awesome couple of days hanging with my family and even got to see some of my friends from high school last night.  It is comforting coming home to the familiar faces and places I grew up with for so many years.  I do tell you my town is growing up and getting so much bigger-we even have a chipotle now (craziness!!!) but under the new facade it's still the place I like to call home :)

Chicken Burrito Bowl
Mama eating her Chipotle (sorry mouth full)!

Mom and I went on an adventure into DC on Tuesday, after our trip to check out the new chipotle (definitely gets my approval), and stopped in to see my big sis at her real life job!! It's still crazy to me that everyone that I grew up with is all grown up and has lives of their own.  I guess still taking classes and being in school with zero income of my own really makes it seem like I'm not a grown-up, but seeing everyone around me as grown-ups I guess I'm getting there too (slowly but surely...ek)!

Capital outside of Union Station
My Big Sis-all grown up!

After our trip to DC, we ate my mom's famous tuna-surprise (the surprise is peas) at Lee and Jeff's; where Mom and Camden got into a tug-a-war for about an hour and we all watched Love and Other Drugs (Lee felt a little uncomfortable haha)! Yesterday, I hung out with my daddy and went on a shopping spree at Road Runner Sports (where I finally switched running shoes from Nike to Brooks)! Dad and I did quite the shopping excursion before squeezing in a quick work-out together. I have been feeling a little under the weather, so we didn't run in the 40 degree weather and opted for the gym so I wouldn't get any sicker :( but all and all it was fun and we completed a little over 5 miles together on the treadmills next to each other!

Last night, I met up with a few of my best friends from high school (thanks to Marie who got everyone together)! I could only stay for a couple hours (supposed to be an hour but turned into two before dinner with the family), but had a blast catching up with everyone and didn't want to leave.  I haven't seen many of them since this summer or even further back then that! It was really great to see everyone and it seems like we just picked up where we left off :) If I haven't mentioned it before, I had the best experience growing up and the most supportive friends I could ever ask for and they definitely continue to be amazing (core four forever :))!
High-school reunion...kinda
Me and Marie :)
Caitlin and Marie

So I was super late for dinner, but my family understood and we had an awesome LATE dinner (9:45) filled with steak, salmon, salad, sweet potatoes, 'shrooms (had to keep with the S theme of dinner)! Post-dinner excitement was bound to happen- I swear when my sister and I get together our 10 year-old selves come out and we are back acting as immature as possible (thanks to everyone who puts up with our antics)! Lee was amazing and bought me as part 2 of my birthday gift all these amazing goodies from Roots (an organic food store in town).  We had a peanut-butter tasting contest and I think it was a tie...but since I gave up sweets for lent I went with the chocolate peanut-butter (because i was told that it isnt a sweet so the more 'non-sweet' chocolate concoctions the merrier)!
I come home to these two...Dad and Lee cooking
Our 'S' Fest
My Plate-yes I demolished it!
Jeff with a steak plate...not a salad plate haha!
Yes, we are mature...
with our peanut butter winners :)

As for today, I was originally planning on heading back to Charleston but since it is basically flooding outside I decided it was best to stay for another day (plus some convincing from my Mom and Marie helped sway me otherwise)! It was definitely for the best since this morning I woke up, feeling even more under the weather :( but hopefully with today as a rest and heavily medicated and apple and soup eating day I will be feeling better (they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away--Im on count 3 for apples today)!

Hope everyone is enjoying the break from the sunshine and having a wonderful, rainy day :) On the bright side, it can only get sunnier!!

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