Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little motivation (for myself)

WARNING: this is going to be completely boring to read so you probably don't want to...

I have a HUGE paper due next week and have been super stressed out lately about it.  To vent for a little bit (I promise just a little) school is a lot more challenging then I thought it would.  It's definitely a commitment and love-hate relationship which is harder then anything I have ever voluntarily gone through.  I enjoy going to 2 of my classes, feel like I get a lot out of 3 of my classes, am confused and bored in my other 2 classes...basically if it wasn't for the 3 classes I get to take there is no way I would still be in school. They send you through the ropes with very little information or guidance, which maybe it's just different from any other experience where I am babied through, but it is extremely challenging to try and write a paper when you have no idea where to even start and researching never seems to stop until I tell myself enough is enough! Well enough of my vent get through these times I needed a little reminder of what gets me through and why I do what I do and actually love my life everyday (despite the little challenges)...

1. My wonderful, supportive family...if it wasn't for their constant support I would not have been able to get to the place I am today (not even close) they are always there for me and listen to my concerns and problems when no one else ever would.  I have the best parents that I could ever ask for and am forever grateful for their constant, unconditional love (even when Im a super pain in the booty), they are my rocks and I will never be able to thank them enough.  I am so blessed that I have a wonderful, amazing sister who I have followed in the footsteps since I was a baby (why else would I be a psych major and go to clemson) and is still there to pick me up when Im down.  I will forever aspire to be as good of a person as my sister is and forever look up to her!

2. My friends.  For whatever reason, I have been so blessed with the best friends anyone could ask for.  I am so happy that I can go home and still catch up with my best friends that I knew in elementary school and we pick up right where we left off (I do need to be better at keeping in touch-but I will always love the core-four)!  I was surprised when I got to college and quickly made friends that I still continue to be best friends with and have been able to see them even though we have moved away in different places.  And I am forever blessed that I met my best friend when I was just 2 years old and we are closer then ever today (sandboxes or not)!

Wow that was a lot of for the other things (promise I'll limit it to 10 if you are even reading this) 

3. Running: my therapy and chance to be by myself and calm 
4. Cooking-baking in particular, especially when stressed gotta love a fresh baked cookie
5. Beach- sun and sand yes please
6. Warm Weather- Im always cold so need that warm air, makes everyone happier and active
7. Charleston and the state of SC (maybe small but I feel in love with this state)
8. Chick-Flicks and Girly books- I love romantic comedies and books that are for pleasure only
9. Learning- there is always something to learn be that from the man down the street or in a classroom (keeps life interesting)
10. The excitement of the unknown (I love my routine but there is always something different that happens everyday; keeps life interesting) 

If you read this, I warned you it was going to be boring.  As for me...back to knocking out this paper :( 

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  1. Love you lots my little law student! You are amazing! Dream big!