Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work Hard...Play Hard

Happy Weekend!!

As you may know I have been ridiculously stressed out with exams...I think its super torture to prolong exams for a grueling 2 weeks (but also definitely needed) but I'm still pushing through.  What I learned last semester is that you totally can get burnt out...which admittedly and unfortunately happened to me! I studied so long and hard that when the second week came around I was barely comprehending anything; thank goodness that I had prepared ahead of time...but I still didn't do as well as I know I could've on my last two exams.

Gotta love Charleston from the water

So in order to cure this I decided I needed to take some mental health time in between all the studying...may not be the smartest but I was feeling the burn out so decided to allow myself a day away from the library to de-stress and refresh for this coming week! Hopefully it was a smart was a fun decision but hopefully benefical as well!

Didn't play as hard as this guy ha!

Anyways, in the true motto work hard, play hard(er) I enjoyed the warm sunshine with some friends out on the Charleston harbor.  We boated around, went to Morris Island, ate at Reds and then went home to get some good zzz's! It was a gorgeous day and there really is nothing more relaxing then being out on the water...literally nothing that I can think of! I realized I got no people pictures, I guess I got too carried away with the beautiful Charleston scenery...oops!

Leaving Reds
Fort Sumter

Now back to to eating my delicious oatmeal, raisin, granola mix with a side of a pbj rice cake! I'm moving the end of the week and my food is dwindling down (raisins and granola came from the bridge run expo and I'm just obsessed with all my delicious peanut butters that I had to put them all on) which means creative eating for the next week :)

So many peanut butters so little time (and space on the rice cake)
Oatmeal Bowl!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)

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