Friday, April 29, 2011

Speed Work and Sweet Potatoes!

First off Happy Friday and Happy Royal Wedding!!! I'm not one that is totally into the whole royal wedding I didn't have a countdown or wake up at 3 am to watch the wedding...but it is a pretty historical day and congrats must be given to William and Kate (love her, want to be her)!!

As for my little, less important life; I have been enjoying sweet potatoes...super exciting and monumental dont you think?! I may have told you about my new love (which is now a sick obsession) with sweet potatoes and how I bought a 10 lbs. box of them at Costco.  Since I am moving in a week (ek soo soon), I have made it my mission to eat all 10 pounds before then so I don't have to move the giant box with me! Needless to say, my lunches and dinners and snacks have been filled with the orange goodness!

Chicken and Sweet Potatoes for dinner

Salmon burger, salad and Sweet potato for lunch :)

As yall know I am knee deep in exam week...which means a whole heck of a lot of stress! So what do I do to relieve stress?! Bake, Run and when all else really fast!  Yesterday I was freaking out so I hurried myself on over to the gym for an intense interval run.  I was so distracted I didnt even feel my legs moving, but most certainly feel the workout today!!

My work out:
Incline at 9.0 for the first 5 minutes at 4.0
Then 1.0 incline until 8 minutes at 6.5
Followed by 30 seconds at 9.0 (8:30)
Then back to 6.5 for 1 minute...
Then pumped it up to 9.1 for 30 more seconds...
and back at 6.5 for 1 minute...
get the picture?! I did this until I was up to 10.1 and then keep it at 6.5 until 30 minutes was up!

It was tough and definitely relieved some stress! I then followed the run with some free weights and the "skank" machine that my sister and I refer it as but it really works your inner and outer thighs which maybe the pain Im feeling now!! But it was a great work out and I can't wait to get back there for another!!

After the gym, I went to the library (awful choice, never go to the library the day before an exam...people just freak you out more) and then went on a nice walk with Ali before dinner (with sweet potatoes)!  I was a tourist for a little bit and took a picture of our street and my dream house.  And we even saw the CofC basketball head coach.  Admittedly I have no idea who he is, but Ali said he was someone well I took a picture of him haha!

Our Street!
Dream House!
CofC coach...sideways!
Colonel started raining on us!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous Friday...I'm definitely going to be celebrating the Royal Wedding/Halfway done with Exams this evening hope you do too :)

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