Monday, April 11, 2011

Confused Weekend...with amazing food creations :)

Happy Weekend!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  The weather in Charleston was pretty bipolar and couldn't make up its mind.  One moment it was gorgeous and sunny and the next it was cloudy and windy...but nevertheless it was a nice weekend.  My weekend kicked off with my school's talent show and dinner with a few classmates, which was so much fun and hilarious!  I don't hang out with people in my class much, because it is sometimes nice to not have to think or talk about school when you are trying to relax.  I have talked with a couple friends that feel the same way with co-workers...but when I do hangout with fellow classmates it is always a blast and makes me want to hang out with them more :)

Talent Show!
Happy Birthday Lauren!
Anna and I out on Friday night :)
Mother nature was very indecisive on Saturday.  I got a bunch of work done early in the morning and then went to the beach with Mary Foster and Christina.  It was gorgeous for the first hour and half, but then the sky turned gray and literally half the people on the beach left.  I was determined to stick it out--but 15 minutes later my body was one giant goose bump so I decided to go back home :( Surprisingly, it was the perfect amount of a little pink but thankfully no red (I've been trying to be better at protecting my skin and don't like burning)!!

Saturday night was filled with TENNIS! The Family Circle Cup has been going on all week, and I got to go on Saturday night to watch the expedition.  It was a ton of fun and really, really made me want to play tennis.  I absolutely love tennis outfits too, it makes me think I picked the wrong activity to like! Tennis is an awesome, fast-paced sport...but I think I'll stick with running with maybe a little tennis on the side :)
with Tennis Legions :)
Sunday was filled with work, but I went on a wonderful walk on the beach at night.  I decided that it was the perfect way to end the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.  I absolutely love how close I live to the beach.  Literally 15 minutes and I am walking on the sand.  The beach is so peaceful, relaxing, and basically amazing.  I highly recommend a Sunday stroll on the beach to decision I have made in awhile soo calming :)

As for dinner, I bought kale from Whole Foods last week and it was looking a little welty so I decided that it was now or never to test it out...and boy was I glad I did!  I talked to my sister about how to make kale and she suggested to make kale chips.  I was very hesitant at first, but then intelligently took her advice.  I tore the leaves off the stem of the kale in bite size pieces and tossed them with some evoo and sea salt.  I put them in the oven on  350 for about 15 minutes...and like magic they were done!  The kale chips tasted like potato chips...I have no idea how in the world they do but they do.  They were phenomenal and make me want to run out to Whole Foods again and purchase all the kale they have! No worries I won't actually do that but I will be back to buy a couple bunches of kale and make these magic chips again :) 
Kale Chips...perfect side dish or snack!

As for my "dessert" last night (trust me I am trying to make the best non-dessert dessert I can...only a couple more weeks until I can eat the real thing)...

Frozen Blueberries, Coolwhip and cereal...

with a Vitamuffin top :)

It was the perfect end of a wonderful weekend!! Hope everyone had a great weekend too :)

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