Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gifts and Recaps!

So first and foremost, I'm officially awful at blogging.  I was so excited when I first started blogging and excited for my next post...but have been slacking hardcore so hopefully Ill get back to blogging (almost) daily!

Not going to go into a boring recap of life...but lets just say that this weekend was certainly one for the books!! A short photo recap (thanks to Christina who carried her camera the entire Cooper River Bridge Run)!!

Wake up call 5 am...
Midtown at 9:30 am
Celebrating in the afternoon (stayed in my workout clothes so long) 
Dinner at Jim and Nicks (sweet patch on my eye)!

This weekend was so much fun and was the perfect start to the weekday ahead! After a super stressful week last week, I am so grateful for a more relaxing week before countdowns to exams :)! Yesterday, it was a gorgeous day and I went for a nine mile run over the bridge.  It was sooo windy, I felt like I was literally going to blow away! It was comforting because everyone else walking/running understood and was quick to remark about the strength of the wind...but I survived it and didnt fly away :)

Today, I picked up a package from the post office that I missed last week (postman can't leave things at my apartment because people will-and do-pick steal them)!  I received a package last week from my mom and a gift from annie and today a package from my dad...I'm one lucky girl! 

My mom sent me a wonderful care package filled with gum, mints, and sweets (which I have to wait until lent is over to enjoy)!! I am a huge gum addict and this package gave me the chance to test out different types...the overall best gum is spearmint trident (its not too big, so you can chew it a long time, and it doesn't deteriorate or lose flavor...basically the best gum ever)! 

Annie bought Christina and I these cute tervis tumblers for finishing the half marathon...they even have our names on them!! It is such a sweet gift, now we just have to convince her to run a half so we can get her one too :) 

My Dad sent me these compression recovery sleeves.  When we were at the Atlanta Half Marathon expo, my dad and I talked to this guy that invented these recovery sleeves.  I absolutely love my compression sleeves, but I tried these on at the expo and they seem even cooler! They have these pockets in them that you can slip ice packs in so that it makes recovery even better.  The guy ended up sending my Dad a pair to try and me one too!!

As for todays adventure, I decided to try and eat bigger meals...still testing out this whole eat like a king, princess, peasant thing (but turned into king, prince, princess)! I started off with a bowl of oatmeal mixed with granola and craisins; then lunch was a gigantic omelet with turkey bacon, peppers and onions; followed by a few snacks and then dinner with bbq chicken, sweet potato, and sauteed veggies!! I haven't eaten this well in a while and it feels amazing :) I have been heating up lean cuisines and eating salads for a while, but finally eating normal meals again is awesome!!! I feel the need to get back in the kitchen and today was a great kick off day!

Lunch Omelet
Home-cooked dinner
Not-dessert dessert!! 

Off to watch Friends with the roomies, hope everyone had a Terrific Tuesday :)

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