Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Survived=No More Contracts!!

Finally after all the hours in the library...I took the exam and I have survived with no tears :)!! I did all I could do and now its over! AS for last night I fueled my brain with a big salmon salad and admittedly had 2 1/2 cookies...the brain needs sugar to run right?! I bought salmon burgers the other week from the grocery store because they were half off and salmon is my favorite fish...these babies are definitely amazing! Its a bummer that the original price is so high, but they are dang tasty.

Salad with garbanzo beans and salmon burger

This morning I woke up early and decided to treat myself to a big breakfast.  I couldn't decide on turkey bacon or a morningstar sausage, so I had a piece of both on the side of my eggs...waffle house look out! And I had a special treat on my sugar package this morning, I can definitely use all the luck in the world when it comes to finals :)
Pre-exam breakfast

Good luck sugar :)

After my exam, I was physically and mentally exhausted...I don't know why but taking tests takes a lot of out me (as I'm assuming everyone else).  So I decided to run a few errands and treat myself to my favorite...cereal and popchips! I have become obsessed with popchips and cereal is always a comfort food.
Little shopping excursion 

When I got back home (after eating a few handfuls of chips) I decided to have the ultimate comfort food...my mom's chili!! Last time I was at home my mom made a huge batch of chili and let me bring the rest back to Charleston (I froze it and hopefully it is still alright to eat...guess we will see?!) I put it over spaghetti and headed straight to bed to watch some Friends and enjoy this rainy day with one exam done :)
Spaghetti chili with a side of Friends season 8!

Blog and Nap time :)

Off to enjoy another bowl of cereal, its been a long morning I deserve to indulge myself...right? Well I think so :)

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