Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guess who's back back again...

Hey everyone!! So I have been MIA big time...but trust me there is not much to tell about the time I have been gone.  It is finals for the next couple of weeks, so needless to say I have pretty much been camped at the library, my room, the porch or even the occasional beach trip with books in hand everywhere I go.  I can't believe that the end of my first year of law school is quickly approaching...need to not get ahead of myself, first I need to survive these next couple weeks before I get too excited, but still time is flying by! 

Studying w/ Jordan...yes I drank an entire 2 liter :/
Told you life isnt exciting...lean cuisines and a side of contracts!

I was originally waiting for my big sister, Lee, to update her blog before I blogged again, but I need a little procrastination time so figured I'd just go for it!  Last weekend, Paige came into town and we celebrated her birthday! She is a month younger than me, but when we were younger we always thought I was the youngest (probably because I act like it)! Paige would always take care of me: making nests of tp on public toliet seats so I could sit (gross but we all do it), speaking up for me b/c I was a mute as a child and let me sit in the highchair (I insisted on it) because I was supposedly the youngest.  Now that we are older we finally understand that she in fact is the as a older, wiser individual I got to show her how to enter into the wonderful age of 23!! We had a blast together, I'm by far the luckiest girl in the world to have such an awesome best friend :)

Birthday Girl with her bday beer and burger!
Riverdogs Opening game!

As for today, I woke up feeling like P-Diddy again and cooked a wonderful Easter omelet with turkey bacon! I bought turkey bacon in bulk at Costco last week, it's the same price for bulk as one package at the grocery store, so I will be enjoying turkey bacon for many weeks to come! I gave up sweets for lent, which I have to say I ended up caving at the end and convinced myself that sweet-tarts and jelly beans are totally not sweets (even if it is in their name), but for the most part I stayed on track and didnt have any chocolate or cookies or cupcakes or cakes...basically I am trying to make myself feel better about my cheating but I really didn't have any "desserts" so today I was super pumped to finally get back in the kitchen and BAKE!! 
Easter breakfast with the snowman coffee cup!

My "dessert" for the past 40 whip w/ cereal and frozen fruit

As may or may not know when I get stressed I love to bake...I don't know why but its some sort of stress relief! I think maybe its because I'm creating something that actually turns out right (most of the time :/) and when studying I get so nervous it's not going to turn out maybe if my baking comes out right so will my tests?!? Pretty philosophical...right?  Anyways, I sure hope my logic is correct because tonight I baked the most AMAZING cookies I have ever put in my mouth...maybe ever! I was looking for the perfect thing to bake as it was going to be my first "dessert" in a long time so after searching I came across these amazing chocolate chip cookies that engulf a double stuff oreo!! I mean can you get any better than that?! They definitely aren't the healthiest cookie for you, as my dad calls double stuff oreos "fat pills" but they most certainly are delicious!

Two of the best ingredients combine together...
to make an awesome cookie!!
SOO TASTY (and well worth the 40 day wait)!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Back to hitting the books :) 

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