Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Back Cody!

Good Night everyone...strange to say good night when I'm not saying good night, rather hi but you got the idea not good morning but good night anyways...hi! 

I started my Maymester class this Monday! And I tell you <warning: complaining ahead> a week off (when I was devoted to moving) was NOT enough time off before getting thrown head first into an intense work load for two weeks!! But I will survive :)  Thanks to huge pep talks from my sister, Laura and Lindsay today I feel like I'm back on track and realize that I sometimes just need to do stuff for myself and take time to relax.  I was just getting really overwhelmed (not running probably hasn't helped) and not feeling like myself, but after I took a much needed TLC night tonight...I'm feeling better than I have in weeks :)  

As for my wonderful night off from life...I cleaned!!! I don't know what it is but cleaning for me has turned into major therapy!  I think the whole running thing has turned into me find outlets that de-stress baking and I guess cleaning can be added to the list too!  Wow I'm turning into an old out Nana! 

My new-for one week-roommate just moved out so it was the perfect time for me to clean before Ali moves in! And boy did I clean, I swear my apartment smells just like comet bleach.  I bleached the bathroom twice, kitchen, fridge and appliances; needless to say there are no germs in this apartment...

Pictures in case you were wondering...

Clean Tub (nothing better than being able to relax in a clean bath)
Maybe not the best organization but still...clean :)

As for my more exciting weekend, which did have its relaxing moments, Ali, Anna, Richard, Drew and I went to the pool for a few hours on Saturday.  It is so nice being able to relax and just walk to the pool (no car involved)! I may not live downtown anymore...but the perks of having a pool and car washing station (which I totally used today to jump start my cleaning excursion for the night) for sure have their advantages! I am really enjoying my new apartment and the new change :)! I'm excited for everyone else to get settled in so that it will really feel like home!! 

Pool day :)

As for tonight, Im going to settle into reading Anyone Out There? (random book I stole from Lee years ago) and eating my overnight oats (which were supposed to be for breakfast tomorrow but they are just so tasty I can't resist)! I'm crossing my fingers that my foot feels well enough tomorrow for me to finally go for a run...please, please?! Wish me luck :)

Cinnamon and peanut butter oats (simple and delicious)

Now for the real Good Night...hope everyone sleeps tight :) 

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