Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School, Back to School....

My first day of class got cancelled on Monday because of the huge winter storm that has effected the south and is moving up to the north (my family is on the lookout!)!!! We only got rain and a little ice, but it was enough to shut down bridges and cancel the first day back :)!! It was a much appreciated break, even though I've been off for about a month, I was not in the mindset of school quite yet after my busy weekend and the extra day definitely helped!

This weekend my best friend since I was two, Paige, came to visit!! Paige and I drove down to see our other best friend, Laura!  After staying the night at Laura's house and hanging out with her incredible family (some of the sweetest people you will meet), the three of us ventured down to Savannah, GA for a day of being tourists (shopping, eating, picture taking, etc)!
Before heading off to Savannah
Our bucket of oysters (there were no survivors!) 
The girls posing with our glorious lunch :)

It was such a blast hanging with my best friends again and a perfect way to end my winter break!! The three of us always have a blast together (guess thats because we didn't kill each other after living together for over 2 years)!!

On Sunday it was my roommate, Annie's birthday (happy birthday again) and we had an amazing brunch to celebrate her special day!!  I haven't been one that usually gets dressed and ready to go to brunch on the weekends, but it was definitely a treat!! For dinner that night, Drew panfried duck wrapped in bacon with red beans and rice and vegetables.  He had just hunted (killed?) the duck the day before, so it was super fresh and very tender.  Thats what I get for dating a country boy :) Unfortunately, a combination of the brunch, a packed full weekend and my unmotivated attitude took me completely out of the mood to run (I was supposed to do my long 15 miler...oops)! But I made up for the lack of the run, and had a wonderful day with wonderful food and friends.

Monday, my day off of school, I decided to get back on training track by running (3 miles) and taking a bodypump class.  It was nice to get back to the gym after a few days being on hiatus! Followed by watching Inception (good but really long and you have to pay attention) and dinner with my roommates! Annie cooked an amazing and simple, not to mention cheap (2 dollars a person) baked potato with vegetable chili, definitely going to make that again!

My reading snack :) 

Today, I had my first day of class (woo woo)! I have an awkward schedule which allowed for me to be able to run 6 miles in between classes! No worries I still had time to shower before heading back :) On tap for tonight, figuring out what to cook for dinner and a couple wonderful hours of reading for class and maybe even squeezing watching the Social Network, which came to Redbox today!!

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