Friday, January 21, 2011


Happy Friday!! Whenever anyone says TGIF, it reminds me of watching all my favorite shows on Friday nights when I was younger (Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, and I don't remember the rest)!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday...just a couple more hours until the weekend!! 

My Friday started off great with another 9 hours of sleep last night (don't remember the last time I got this much sleep in a week)!! After class I had a review session for a final exam and I learned what I had done wrong on my exam (which was a little upsetting realizing that one small mistake made a huge impact on my analysis and therefore my answer...resulting in my grade :( but there is always this semester)!!

I was a little down when I got home and thankfully Christina was home and listened to me vent (thanks a ton, I really appreciated it)!! We decided to take advantage of this beautiful and slightly chilly day, and go for a long walk!  It is nice living with 4 other people because there is almost always someone around and always something to do.  We walked the bridge ALL 5 miles of it and had a great chat along the way!! Its crazy how much faster time goes by when you are talking, rather than just running or walking by yourself.  After our walk, I was famished and decided to whip up breakfast for lunch!! Really any excuse for these bagels and I will make it!  

Bagel with eggs and vegs 

When we were on the walk, I decided my workout/running plan for the weekend!! I have a bunch of work to do, so unfortunately can't join my roomies on their Charlotte adventure this weekend, but that means that I still will be able to get my runs in (on the brightside)! Since Christina will be away for the weekend we decided that we will go on a 6 or 7 mile run in the late afternoon on Sunday when they get back...which will allow me to do a 9 or so mile run in the morning; giving me my 16 mile run for the weekend!! Im trying really hard to get these runs in and with the extra motivation of someone else running, I think I will succeed :) 


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