Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breakfast, Breakfast!!

I have been in a breakfast eating mood all week.  Breakfast is by far my favorite meal, not just because its the first meal but because of all the wonderful selections.  I could eat breakfast food for every meal (well almost at least).  I absolutely love those places that serve breakfast all day, so we all know those aren't the classiest places but their menus sure make me happy!! 

For breakfast (number one) I made an amazing oatmeal bowl.  Now if you are wondering if I have some crazy love for oatmeal, I don't really, but I do have two huge bags from Costco so I eat a lot of oatmeal.  Throwing different things in the bland-by its' self oatmeal definitely spices it up and varies the favors, so it doesn't get seem so repetitive.  It's a nice little trick that allows me to use the oatmeal, but feel like Im eating something different everyday :) In todays, I bought these new craisins that are blueberry flavored (not blueberries but cranberries soaked in blueberry juice) and they are soo delicious so threw those in with pumpkin granola, cinnamon and a nice helping of almond milk. 
Breakfast # 1

I went for a quick 5 mile run in between my classes.  My knees started to hurt around mile 3, so I cut a mile off (originally planned to do 6) and blamed the hurt on the rainy weather.  Hopefully it isnt anything but a little ache!  But the main event for the afternoon was an egg, sausage breakfast bagel! I love these morning star sausage patties, they're so flavorful that they taste like real sausage.  I sandwiched 2 eggs and the sausage in between a cinnamon bagel, which added such a sweet hint.  Definitely making this for my real, first breakfast in the morning tomorrow :)

Breakfast #2 

I've been a little overwhelmed at school lately, so when I got home and realized I was still stressed out (even after my run) I decided to do my other stress reliever--and bake!  I went back to the big bags of oatmeal and whipped up some oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.  I have a huge bag of chocolate chips from costco too, so they were the perfect addition to the oatmeal cookies.  These are in my top 5 of favorite cookies.  They turned out tasty and actually rose the perfect amount (I've been known to make flat cookies...ekk)! And as always whenever running doesn't help, baking and homemade cookies do the trick!

Homemade cookies :)

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