Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Beach Day :)

I am in absolute LOVE with mother-nature and the weather this weekend.  It was another perfect day yesterday, with weather in the upper 70s.  My day started off with a rough 6 mile run with Christina.  She is training for the half-marathon in Atlanta and on her schedule was a 10k run, which means we had to go 6 miles.  I was not feeling up to it but what the schedule says we I pushed through and knocked it out.  It's really nice having her to run with because there is noway I would've convinced myself to finish the whole run. But the weather was too perfect to not go for a run and by mile 5, I was feeling good so all and all an okay run.

We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and head to the beach again.  It was warmer than Friday, which made it a great beach day.  I even got a little sunburn...didn't think the UV rays would be intense in February but for this pale girl it was a little strong! Hopefully it will turn into tan, a little color is always welcome :)

Christina on our way to the beach with the top down!

When we got back, we were all excited about how warm it still was at night so decided to go to Rooftop bar.  It is the only place downtown that allows you to see the wonderful sights of downtown Charleston from a rooftop. It got a little nippy, but the band was awesome and definitely a perfect way to end a wonderful day.  Hopefully it will stay this warm for a little bit longer...not ready to pull out the winter jacket again!

Blurry view of the Bridge at Rooftop

Ali and I enjoying the warm weather

This morning started with a big breakfast of coffee, eggs, sausage and fiber cereal with craisins.  I love fiber cereal, I know it looks like bird food, but I love the texture and flavor (don't knock it til you try it). Off to do a bunch of school work before the Stingrays Hockey game tonight :)

Two fried eggs with sausage and salsa

Looks can be deceiving...tastier than it appears!

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