Saturday, February 19, 2011

75 Degree Weather? Yes please!

Good morning! So I realized that I have a trend of blogging on Tuesday and then again during the weekend...sorry about not updating so frequently I'm getting in the swing of things again so time management is a little splotty :( But this week has been super packed with school, running, court, interview, cooking, concert and the beach!

This week I have discovered the best sandwich/salad combo, experienced Kid Rock (yes, lets go back to 1998) and got a huge dose of spring fever! Starting off with the most amazing combination of food I have ever had...spinach and artichoke hummus, avocado, turkey (or chicken), lettuce, onion and bread!  It sounds simple but I promise you it is the most flavorful combo ever.  This week, I lived off of the combination of these ingredients (side note: the spinach, artichoke hummus is a new hummus flavor and tastes just like spinach artichoke dip but healthier)! Try it you will not regret it, I promise :)

Amazing Combo on Onion Bagel

Amazing combo with shredded chicken

Combo with get the picture (I'm obsessed)

As for the flashback to late 90's music...I admittedly went to the Kid Rock concert.  Shane, who I met this summer running the bridge, asked me if I wanted to go to the concert and at first I was hesitant because I've never been the biggest Kid Rock fan but he burnt me a cd and I realized that Kid Rock has some really good music.  The concert was definitely an experience. I have never seen such an eclectic, diverse group of people under one roof in my life!  People from 10 to 70 years old were there.  There were people wearing cowboy hats, people with fur jackets, people with polos and button downs and a good percent with NASCAR, American flag shirts! I was surprised how many different people were there; definitely hard to classify Kid Rock fans.  Overall, the concert was a blast and I have a new respect for Kid Rock.  
Shane and Me 
Jamey Johnson
Kid Rock 
Crazy dressed guy...told you
End of the concert 

As most people on the East coast know, the weather this weekend is incredible and causing spring fever everywhere.  Christina and I went to the beach yesterday for a couple hours.  It felt amazing outside, a little chillier at the beach with the wind, but it was the perfect day.  We enjoyed subs while reading our books at the beach.  We were bundled up in sweatshirts and towels over our legs; while everyone else around us were in their bathing suits soaking up the sun.  I don't know how they did it, but more power to them...I'd rather stay warm though :)  After the beach I went on a wonderful 9 mile run in the warm sunshine (and yes now I have a sports bra tan)!

Christina with all her stuff
Me with my sweet backpack chair
5 dollar footlong on the beach=bliss
love the beach :)

Off to enjoy another gorgeous day.  Hope you have a wonderful start of your weekend :)

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