Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fabulous Ending and Beginning of a Week!

On Sunday, my roommates and a couple friends went to the Charleston Stingrays Minor League Hockey game! It was so much fun :) We had bought half price tickets on LivingSocial a month or two ago and decided to go on Sunday.  I've been to one professional Hockey game when I was like 10, so this was (basically) a new experience for me.  Surprisingly, they have quite the fan following.  People were sporting players jerseys and cheering for the team.  Hockey is probably the most testosterone filled sport, there was a fight where two guys were literally punching each other and all they got was a 2 minute time out!! I thought they would've gotten thrown out of the game and even maybe suspended...but nope just a 2 minute break (I was informed that this was hockey so basically anything goes)! 

Breaking up a Fight
Roomies at the game
Recession hits...so strange halftime show (kids picking up pucks)
Charleston Stingrays

After the game, Christina, Ali and I went to Yo Burrito.  If you live in the Charleston area, you must try Yo Burrito it is amazing.  Plus on Sunday nights between 7 and 9 everything (but chips and soda) are half price.  We got there early so decided to order chips and at 6:45 I hopped in line because a long line was starting to form. I had a huge spicy chicken salad and a ton of chips.  It was the perfect ending of a wonderful, warm weekend :)

As for the start of my week, food has been the star! I went to Costco, after class yesterday and boy did I get more than I bargained for.  There are so many great deals when you buy in bulk.  I tend to get obsessed with certain foods at points in time so Costco is a perfect place for me :) My past obsession was oatmeal and cereal with dried fruit, prior was peanut butter and pretzels and now its hummus and avocados with carrots and salads! Gotta love a little obsession.

Monday Night Dinner: hummus, mushrooms, avocado and turkey
Tuesday Lunch: Spicy seasoned chicken with hummus, mushrooms, avocado :)
New love: Sweet Potato :)

And now to brag a little to my family that woke up to 3 inches of snow...I woke up to 75 degree weather :)

Yes, thats a skirt and sandals in February :) 

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  1. Cute outfit. How do you get to go to Costco down south? Do you have a secret membership I don't know about?! Enjoy that warm weather...I may be a little jealous.