Monday, February 7, 2011

A little bit of weekend and a lot of Monday

Happy Monday!!

A recap of the short weekend...Mom and I went on a crazy shopping spree on Friday! Mom picked me up from class on Friday afternoon and we started our shopping adventure on King Street at Butterfly which is an awesome consignment store that sells designer clothes for much less (some previously worn clothes but a lot of the clothes have the original tags on too)! I got 2 new pairs of much needed favorite pair just got a hole in the middle and mom kept making fun of them saying that my booty was about to come out of the back because they were so worn!!

Next stop was the outlets! I love outlet shopping, you get such great deals that it makes me wonder why I ever pay full price.  We stopped at La Hacienda for some lunch before doing the shopping damage :) I got the chicken fajitas and quickly devoured my entire plate! We absolutely love mexican food.  My mom is originally from California, so she grew up eating amazing mexican food which then made me grow up eating mexican food (no complaints here)!

My lunch plater! 
Mom enjoying her tacos!

We had an awesome shopping adventure. I got a bunch of new clothes...unfortunately most of them are future work clothes.  I got my first pant and skirt suit, which makes me feel ohh so grown up :) It's going to be an interesting change from it being okay to wear workout clothes everyday to actually having to wear work clothes everyday....but luckily I have a couple years before that! For dinner, we got late reservations at SNOB which is the one restaurant that I have been dying to try and it did not disappoint! We had an amazing time together, it's definitely a treat and I absolutely love to spend time with my mom.

The damage :)

After mom left, I spent the rest of the weekend working on my first big paper of the semester.  I don't really know what I'm doing, but I hope what I did was good enough :/...thats law school for you though you just never know!

Today started off amazingly, my classes start later which allowed me to get a quick 3 mile run in before class this morning.  It felt awesome, I really enjoy running in the morning. Everyone is so friendly in the morning and says "good morning" to each other which I think is so nice! I came back from class and running errands and was completely famished so I whipped up a big chicken and mixed vegetable salad...which I pared with two big bowls of honey nut cheerios (obviously my taste buds are a little wack)! But it was the perfect lunch for this rainy day.

Lunch Salad

Times 2 (or 3)

It is Monday night and I decided that I would take a turn and make the dinner for watching the Bachelor tonight.  Since it is a rainy day and a little chilly out, I decided that homemade chicken and dumplings was the perfect meal! I made this recipe over Christmas and I feel in love with it.  It takes a while to make, but if you have the time and patience it is well worth it! I hope the girls like it as much as I do :)

Chicken and Dumplings Simmering

Off to finish some work before the Bachelor :) 

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