Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate+Sunny Run=Perfect Valentine's Day!

So I am happy to report that I didn't pee in my pants, projectile vomit or cry when giving my oral argument! I was definitely nervous, but surprisingly it went pretty smoothly. I just need to learn how to keep my legs from uncontrollably shaking...thank goodness for po-tee-ums (dont know how to spell)! I was definitely excited for it to be over and so glad that I only have to go through this once more :)

Oral argument clothes...
Quickly became running clothes!! 

As for the rest of Valentine's day it was an awesome day! I usually am not the biggest fan of Valentine's day aka singles awareness day or just another day to spend money at Hallmark, but this Valentine's day was an exceptionally great day! After my presentation, I went on an awesome 5 mile run and saw so many cute couples holding hands (might I add it was in the 70's).  I think it is so sweet seeing older couples who still have that glow and look so much in love even at such an old age :)

As I was finishing my run, a guy ran up next to me and handed me a flower that said be my valentine? with his name and number...at first I was really confused and then pretty creeped out, but then came to the conclusion it was sweet.  Though I would never call him, I think it's a cute idea and definitely put a smile on my face...so thank you random flower giver guy!

Pretty flower...creepy or sweet?

After chatting on the phone with a few of my best friends and laughing about the randomness of our lives; I dove into watching the Bachelor with Christina and Ali and devoured some delicious chocolate! I was really surprised by the Bachelor, but happy that crazy Michelle finally didn't receive a rose! I loved Valentine's Day 2011 and even though I am single, I didn't feel alone or sad for a second, rather grateful and blessed for my wonderful family and friends...love you all :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Love Valentines Day Chocolate :)

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