Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Sunny Weekend in Charleston

I hope everyone had a wonderful and sunny weekend!  It was gorgeous in Charleston all last week and continued into the weekend...and now it's a rainy Monday (but as long as it's not a rainy weekend--I'm a happy girl).  This weekend was great and I definitely took advantage of the sunshine :)

The weekend started early--on Friday afternoon--with a walk downtown with Scout and Grant.  Grant has been the best uncle to Scout and quickly became one of her favorite playmates :).  We walked down the battery, where Scout attempted to jump off it numerous times, and wore Scout out in the heat (water was in hand).   It was a great and relaxing way to start the weekend.  Later that night, we all went to Red's to meet up with Tess and little Turks for a couple beers and snacks!  I do love a corona light with lime in the summer :)

Battery :)
Scout loving the water!
Grant and Scout
Scout and Turks partying at Red's

Saturday was a busy day filled with bridesmaid's fitting, lunch at kickin chicken, long day on Folly Beach, group dinner at mexican restaurant, playing apples to apples into the wee-hours and finished off with Drew coming home :)!!! I would have to say that Saturday was absolutely fabulous and definitely took advantage of the 24 hours in the day (okay or 18 hours)!

Starting my day with breakfast of champions:
Egg white omelet with edamame, sausage and goat cheese :)
Ashton at Mexi with a Marga-rona
Grant aka Dr. Dolittle
Scout anxiously waiting her Dad's arrival

It is great that Drew is finally back into town :).  We decided after a Costco run to have a fun day on the boat and boat up to Morris Island.  Scout absolutely loves the water and was a quick learner and swam the day away (or at least got to swim a little bit--but major improvement from a few weeks ago)! So proud that we got a water dog :)

The boys trying to get Scout in
Scout and her Pops
He's finally home :)
She is one tuckered girl at the end of her Sunday :)

We were all tuckered by the end of the day, but saved enough energy to whip up a delicious meal.  I have to admit when Drew was gone my dinners consisted of a lot of popcorn and sweets--I'm guessing that I sought comfort in his absence by devouring carb-y, sweet deliciousness ha...just kidding! But our dinner Sunday night definitely was taster and healthier than the past week's dinners. It was cajan night with red beans and rice and sauteed shrimp with vidalia onion and red pepper aka um um good :)

Sunday Night Supper :)

Have a wonderful Monday :)


  1. Just got your comment about the dogs and public beach at Kiawah. You can bring them there! I couldn't reply through email because of the no-reply email address thing. Glad your boy is back!!

  2. pretty sure I spotted you and Scout yesterday at the farmer's market :-) Hope y'all had fun! (if that was you)