Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy Week and Happy Hour Thursday :)

This week has flown by, literally, I think it maybe because of all the new-ness associated with Scout but I can't believe it is already Friday!! It is much welcomed :)

It is a lot more work to get adjusted to a puppy than I originally anticipated.  Drew and I had bought a bunch of puppy toys and crate, food, etc in order to prepare for her...but the main event of actually having a puppy has been more of a change than I thought.  Don't get me wrong I absolutely love her, but she has definitely changed around my everyday life.

Freshly Washed Baby :)

The beginning of the week, Drew and I were trying to figure out a schedule that would work for her.  I, of course, thought that it is much more important to be around her all the time and he thought that it was important for us to go about our normal lives as much as we could while still including her.  We have definitely learned a lot about each other and ourselves this week--I never would have taken myself as a overly nurturer but I guess I may be after-all ha!  Luckily, we have seemed to settle into a routine by the end of this week (a lot of help from Grant, who is at home during the rainy days this week) and are working on getting better adjusted (compromise is the best policy--I'm finding out!).

Napping with her Stuffed Dog 
Scout napping :)

The addition of Scout is such a joy.  She literally brings a smile to my face whenever I see her and has a lot of energy which is refreshing!  I am so happy that we finally got her--and so excited to keep showing her new things :)  She has had an adventurous week--and I can guarantee that this weekend will not be an exception!

Little Miss Scout :)

Last night, a group of us decided to go to happy hour (Megan and Brandon had work late so couldn't join--but ended up playing with Scout when they got home, it is so nice having friends around to play with the pooch when we are gone :))!  Ashton, Grant, Laura, Drew and I all went to Pearlz to enjoy some libations!  Pearlz has amazing deals for happy hour--3 dollar wine and liquor and cheap, cheap food!  Of course, after a couple drinks we all decided to enjoy the night a little bit longer and go up to rooftop to enjoy the last of the day's sun.  It is awesome to go on rooftop and look over the entire city of Charleston with a nice crisp glass of wine (2 is my limit, by the way).  After rooftop, we had to get some gelato.  After this past weekend of Meredith introducing Drew and I to the delicious taste of pistachio gelato--it was easy to convince the bunch to have a night cap of gelato :)

Grant and Laura with Pearlz Tinis
Me, Laura and Ashton on Rooftop :)
Drew and Me: Matching was not planned ha!
Night Cap with Gelato--so European ;)

Happy Friday y'all! Exciting weekend on Lake Murray :)


  1. Oh, I just love that little girl!! Looks like y'all had an awesome time last night. Hate we missed it :( But at least we got to snuggle with our niece!

  2. I was there last night probably at the same time you were!! Small world!!