Friday, June 22, 2012

Week Alone with the Puppy!

Eventful week--I can't believe that it is already the end of June (or about to be) and that it is officially the start of summer!!! May was the slowest month for me, but June just flew right by me (crazy how that happens)!

Drew has been out of town this week--on a fishing trip to the Keys with a bunch of his guy friends--which left me alone with Miss Scout.  At first, I was very nervous because I know that she is a handful and since she is a puppy, she needs a lot of attention and I was scared I wouldn't be able to give her all the attention that she needed as well as keeping my sanity.  It was quite the adjustment in the beginning of the week (waking up at 6 am and taking a puppy out, feeding her, taking her back out, walking her--cleaning up her accidents inside the apartment, cleaning up her throw up and entertaining her all before 7 am=quite a change in my normal routine of waking up at 7:30!).  But I am happy to say that I have adjusted and little Scout and I are in a nice little routine :)

Scout at 6 am--at least it is light out :)
Crazy little lady loves her leash (needs some training ha)
Wishbone legs on a walk :)
Crazy Early Riser Pup
 (nice little shave from the spaying)

She is such a treat to be around and though I do feel bad whenever I leave her--I know that some time apart is good for her!  I have a very eventful weekend ahead, so getting some added help from the boys (they are going to take her to the farmers market--very willingly, think they will pick up girls ha!), will be amazing! As much as I love having some girl time with her--I am more than excited for Drew to return so that I have a partner in crime with the little one.

Girl's night watching the Bachelorette

This week in Charleston has been filed with clear skies and lots of sunshine.  Yesterday, Grant, Laura and I went to Sullivan's Island for a late afternoon beach trip.  It was really hot outside but the breeze off the water felt amazing.  I enjoy going later in the afternoon because you can get more things done during the day and also don't get as sunburnt (I say win, win)!  

After our short beach trip, we all headed back to get ready for happy hour downtown to celebrate Laura's new job!!  I was originally planning on going to happy hour with my girlfriends, which we have made a weekly tradition, but with Laura's exciting news we had a switch in normal girls night!  A group of us went to Pearlz for happy hour (seriously amazing specials), I got there after happy hour, but they were nice enough to order for me before 7!  After finishing up at Pearlz, the gang headed to Rooftop where I got to meet up with the girls.  Rooftop was especially gorgeous last night and was a real pleasant time catching up with everyone.  We all chatted about the upcoming weekend--and how exciting Saturday morning will be (Bridesmaids dress fitting for Megan and Brandon's wedding)! 

Old Man saying inappropriate things to us 
before taking our picture!
The Group on Rooftop--I love my friends!
Charleston Skyline (steeples and all)

It was an amazing Thursday evening and the perfect leeway into Friday and the weekend! I am so ready for the weekend to be here--and for that boy of mine to finally be home! 

Happy Friday! 
Love, Scout 


  1. All in favor of Drew being home, say AYE! I know you're so ready for him to be back. Super duper excited for tomorrow! :)

  2. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun with Scout! Has Scout gotten to go to Sullivan's Island yet? I took my pups over there on Wednesday afternoon. They had lots of fun!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog and am loving it!