Sunday, June 3, 2012

Puppy Is Finally Home!

Wow! This has been one incredible weekend :)

Welcome Home Scout!

June 1st marked the day that Drew and I could finally take puppy Scout home!  It just so happened that the Clemson Tigers were playing in Columbia, very close to where Scout was bred, so we decided to go to the game (Drew was going with his company, and Grant, Laura and I had talked about going earlier this week--worked out perfectly) and then pick up the little pup with a short visit with Drew's mom before heading back to Charleston with our new addition!

Clemson v. Coastal Carolina
Grant and Laura before the game got rain-delayed!

For just a little boosting (promise I will try and keep it to a minimum--just so happy)! She is beyond my hopes for a dog.  She is first off she is gorgeous--her coat is so soft and she has the cutest little underbite!  Fingers crossed she stays this way--but she is such a mild tempered pup!  She is already potty trained (or house broken) it seems--the breeder said she wasn't, but she has only had one little accident and can hold it until we let her out :).  Anyways, I think she is absolutely wonderful and am so happy that we finally got her!
Scout with her new daddy
Sooo Excited in the Car

On Friday night, we hung out at the boys apartment and all had some play time with the little one.  She loves all her aunts and uncles (yes, I think she probably has over a dozen by now!) and we just enjoyed a nice relaxing evening.  Saturday we decided to show the pup a "real charleston day"-- starting off by going to the farmers market followed by a boat ride and day on Morris Island then a cook out with close friends :)

The farmers market is always great and even better since we had the little one.  She was really good and made friends with a few dogs (by that I mean she didn't bark or growl at them).  Laura and I split a giant shrimp omelet with feta cheese and had awesome iced coffee.  We ended up meeting up with Drew's sister, Meredith, and Brandon and Megan for a little bit--seriously, can't say enough about how nice a saturday farmers market is!  We all joked about how we should get into a puppy rental business--so many people come up to you, and I tell you single boys would relish in some of that attention ha!
Our Little Fam at the Farmers Market
Laura and the most delicious Omelet ever!
Pure Love ha!

After the Farmers Market; Jake, Grant, Laura, Brandon, Megan, Drew and I (with Scout) all piled into the boat for a day on Morris Island.  Scout was introduced to the water--at first she got in by herself and swam and did really well.  But then she went in again and got a little scared, and wet and cold--and she was done with swimming.  I'm sure she will get back in again--but was probably a little much for the first day!  It was a great day and even better evening.  We all got back and grilled out (love a cookout-everyone brings meat and dish to share=A LOT of food).

Me and Scout taking off on the first boat ride

This morning started really early (someone likes to get up at 7) and was a busy one.  We decided to take Scout downtown and enjoy some of the gorgeous Charleston June weather.  Drew, Scout and I all went to the battery and walked around--showing her more of the sites (seriously, she is like a tourist in this town-going everywhere!)!  We ended up meeting up with Meredith and getting gelato (never had pistachio ice cream before--but it is most delicious)! We all walked a good distance--really tuckering Scout out--we had to carry her almost the entire way back oops!

Man's Best Friend :)
Always trying to get her to swim haha!
Gorgeous Day in Charleston!
Meredith and Drew walking (holding) tired Scout
She is tuckered for the day! 

All and all this has been one of the best weekends.  I am soo happy that we now have Scout and can't believe how blessed we were to have such great weather this weekend and so happy I have such wonderful friends to share it with.  I am so lucky :)


  1. Such a cute puppy!! You will enjoy having a dog so much! They love you no matter what and are so happy to see you! I need to figure out some dog friendly places around Charleston so that my dogs can go with me!

    1. Me too! There are plenty of dog parks around downtown and the beaches allow dogs between 6 pm and 10 am! I'm going to check out James Island County Park later this week--so hopefully that will be dog friendly too! Please let me know if you find any fun places :)

  2. Cody! The puppy is so cute! Bring her to Greenville soon! :)