Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Father's Day Weekend

This was quite the eventful, gorgeous, fun father's day weekend :)

On Thursday night, Drew took me out to an amazing dinner at Fat Hen on Johns Island.  Fat Hen is a restaurant that I have wanted to try for a long time (and is in Drew's Passport Book I made for Valentine's Day).  Fat Hen is apparently a French restaurant, but I found myself looking more at the southern homecookin myself.  We ordered a couple appetizers including friend green tomatoes and homemade sausage and opted for swordfish for dinner :)  with the best part of all: Peach Bread Pudding for dessert--soo yummy!  I wish I would have taken a picture--but we now have a new rule when dining out: NO cell phones (which means no iPhone camera :/)--however, the new rule allows us to de-stress and really get alone time without distractions!

After our dinner, we rode over to Jake and Tess's house, which is going to be the same house that Drew and I move into in August, to see their new addition.  They just got a brand new German Short-haired Pointer puppy, Turks, who is just as cute as can be.  Pointers are very intelligent dogs--so Scout will have to do her homework in order to keep up with Turks (I'm assuming--not saying that Scout isn't brilliant, but maybe she is more 'on grade level' ha!)

Happy little Family :)

Friday was another big day in Scout's life.  She has been doing really well since her surgery, but she acquired worms somewhere along the way last week (think from all the dirt she eats).  I have to say--worms are disgusting!! I never bit my nails when I was younger because my dad had scared me and said that if I bit my nails--I would get worms!! Needless to say, I have literally been petrified of getting worms (myself) and was very uneasy when I witnessed them with Scout.  It is disgusting.  I quickly called Drew, then frantically called the vet, and then very quickly went to Petco to get Scout medicine ASAP.  Happy to report: no more worms!

Wormed Scout :/

After the worm fiasco, Drew and I went to Panera for a goodbye lunch (he was going to the Keys to fish with his guy friends) and stopped by a pet boutique in downtown Charleston to pick up a new collar for Scout.  I had been slaving away in the kitchen all morning--probably because of finding out the disturbing news of worms.  And made some banana coconut muffins (mini and regular) and oatmeal scotches (my dad's favorite)--I gave the muffins and some cookies to Drew and the boys and saved the rest for my Dad for a little Father's Day treat :)

Oatmeal Scotches (recipe on the back of the butterscotch's)
Coconut Banana Bread Muffins 
Trying to get a good picture of all the baking!
My little baking/clean up helper!
Seriously the best salad ever made--at Panera!

After the eventful Friday, it was wonderful to have a couple glasses of wine with Ashton and Laura.  We had been planning for the past week to get together and have a fun girls night out.  We all had pretty eventful, crazy weeks so it was a very nice thing to look forward to at the end of the week :). We had a couple of glasses of wine and some light apps at my apartment before heading down to Fuel to grab some dinner and then headed to Midtown for a night of dancing and just plain having fun.  It was great to be able to cut loose with the girls and I had a wonderful night!

Laura and the yummy snacks
Ashton (always prepared with wine)

Saturday was much needed-Laura and I woke up with plans to go to the Farmer's Market (but since Scout was supposed to take it easy--though she hasn't been), I decided it was best to just try and take her on a long walk to tire her out before we headed to the beach (only for a couple hours-didn't want to leave her too long--yes, I have separation issues).  The beach was crowded and for good reason: a great sunny, warm day on Folly Beach.  It always surprises me how many people go to the beach every weekend (literally packed with people)--but then again it shouldn't because it is summer and is nice out!
No Farmer's Market for little Scout...
So She goes into hiding...
Whered she go?! 
My little girl :)

My dad came in on Saturday night and took me to rooftop for a glass of wine before going to 82 Queen for dinner.  I have wanted to try 82 Queen for sometime now, but since Drew and I have heard many mixed reviews we have never gone.  So, I thought it would be a great place that my dad and I could test out--and the verdict: the reviews were all correct.  It was nice and good food with great ambiance--but it isn't the best in Charleston in my opinion (aka, doesn't make the top 5 list in my book) but it was still pretty good and I really enjoyed the company!  And don't get me wrong would love to go back--I am just saying I'm not dying to go back!

On Sunday morning (Father's Day), Dad and I planned to go out on a nice long run.  It was a warm morning and the sun was shining: a great day to run! We did 6 miles between a 8 and 8:30 mile for each mile, it was definitely killer.  The run really showed me how out of shape I have gotten.  I used to be able to run that in a breeze, but boy oh boy did I have to try and knock those measly 6 miles out!  I always love to run with my dad and it was great to be able to share a fast (for now) run with him on Father's day.  After our run, we grabbed a quick brunch at Blossom before he headed back to Pinehurst to meet up with Mimi.  It was a really nice time (even though quick) and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful father that drives 4 extra hours to come see me!!

Best Bloody Mary at Blossom (huge shrimp-yes, please)
Happy Father's Day Daddy :)
Shrimp, Sausage, Crawfish Gumbo with Grits :)
Dad's Omelet and Fruit

After Dad left, I took Scout over to see Turks and the pair finally met! Scout was so confused by little Turks.  Turks was hyper and wanting to play and Scout was confused and looked at me like what is going on?! ha! Guessing that I have an "Old Soul" of a puppy :) or probably she was just in massive need of a pup nap!

First Meeting--Little do they know they are about to be best friends :)
Scout passed out the whole way home!

Off to another Manic Monday :)

Someone doesn't want to walk today...

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  1. I am going to Fat Hen with my parents next week. I am glad to know it's good! 82 Queen was on my list, but I guess I will put it towards the end of my list! What are your 5 favorite restaurants in Charleston? I need to make sure I go to all of them! It looks like y'all had a great weekend!