Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moving and a Running Puppy

Hi!  I have been on a hiatus from blogging because I have been slammed with moving from apartment to Drew's house to my new house!  It truly has been a chaotic few weeks and will continue to be until we are finally settled :)

Drew and I got the chance to fly up to Maryland to visit with my family and then be able to bring a ton of furniture back to Charleston from my parents.  I seriously can't thank my parents enough for being so generous--we got two couches, chairs with ottomans, numerous tables and side tables, pictures, and even a grill :).  It was wonderful to be able to spend sometime with my family even though it was only for a day! Drew and I then took the 500 plus mile trek back down south to move our newly acquired furniture into our new home.

Moving Break to go to a Nationals Game :)

Since we had a wonderful, big, yellow truck we used it to move me out of my apartment and move Drew's bigger furniture.  It was great to be able to move so much stuff--but it does mean that I have been camping out at Drew's while we wait to be able to finally make the big move! And believe me I cannot wait to finally have all my stuff in one place again (you never realize how nice that is).  It was a stressful few days, but I am happy that all my stuff is mostly at the new place (still in boxes--but still there)!
Some of my stuff...ek!
Drew and our moving truck

The month of July has really flown by, I know that for most people summer flies by and goodness it most certainly has this year!  I have made some amazing memories this past month and am forever happy that I have such great friends (and have even been able to catch up with old friends too).

Last weekend, a bunch of my college friends and I went to Waterfest in Beaufort.  Waterfest is such a fun time and I have been fortunate enough to be able to go for the past 4 years (thank you Brandon)!  It is a great time where people anchor out at the sandbar and hang out until the evening where there are concerts going on in the park.  It truly brings out the best in the low country and is by far one of my favorite times of the year!

As for the end of the recap--I don't like having to recap since I have been absent so long, but figure it is better to than not--it has been an amazing July and I can't wait to enjoy every last bit of the next few weeks of summer!

This past week (meaning starting Monday) I decided to finally get my booty in gear and start getting back into a routine of working out.  I have been interning at a law office in the mornings, which has really put a stop to my working out on the reg.  A lot of the classes I enjoy are only offered at times in the mornings, which means that I miss them and since it is the dead of summer it is really hard to run in the afternoons (excuses, excuses I know).  Since I had this week off of work I decided to use it to my benefit and get back into action.  I love group classes, especially body attack and body pump, the classes definitely make you push harder than if you were on your own.  While doing group classes, I still try to get my run on and have been trying to be more consistent in running (seriously don't understand how it is so difficult this time to get back into training mode).

Scout has become my running buddy! I have been getting her to run with me in the mornings during part of our morning walk (usually around a half mile).  After I told Drew about it he got excited and decided to take her for a run with him last night...I had to go to class so missed out on the family run :(. To my surprise she ran 2 miles with him!! I have always been too nervous to run with her because I have read reviews that say that you shouldn't take puppies for runs (even though they have so much energy), but I the vet did reassure me that it is alright to run with her (even good to) and that she will let me know when it is enough.  So with the good news I took the little one on a nice 2 mile run this morning and she was an awesome runner--having 4 legs is a perk!

Scout before run...
Scout after run!

After our run, I decided to whip up some chicken salad! Chicken salad has become a staple in my summer diet.  It is wonderful because it is so easy and cheap to make and makes a ton (saving a lot of money) as well as super delicious!  I did splurge on this batch of chicken salad--and got green grapes (though red makes it look prettier) and slivered almonds! I usually just omit the almonds if they aren't on sale and use raisins rather than grapes to save a few dollas, but hey you only live once--go crazy and get grapes!
Homemade chicken salad--very green!
Of course I had it on a bed of lettuce 
(love me some salad on salad)
Side of Apple and Cottage Cheese to finish off lunch!

Unfortunately, today is the same as how the rest of the week has been--off and on showers--so I will be a busy studying girl inside, rather than at the pool or beach (hard life right?!).  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday--just think tomorrow is Friday and the weekend :)

Scout is my little study partner!

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