Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome Summer Break :)


So I have taken a long hiatus, but for good reason...I was swamped with school work.  Seriously, April was one of the most draining months of my life--don't know what I'm going to do when it comes to studying for the BAR (but I have months before then)!! 

A recap on my life over the last month--really isn't exciting but here are a few snapshots of what April consisted of! 
Writing my paper (on Sperm Donation-real interesting...)
Mom and Kyler came to visit on Kyler's Spring Break
Ate at Coast with Mom--and this boy!
Made Drew a blackberry celebration cobbler--
he landed a big account:)
Matching sunglasses apparently--fishing on a cold April day
(we didnt catch anything but it was a nice break)!
Happy Hour with the girls at fuel!
(my nail is growing back finally)
This was the staple of my exam week diet: 
hotdog with homemade sweet potato chips!
Drew and I took a night trip to Edisto...I seriously couldn't 
have asked for a better break from all the work :)
Drew made wedge salad before my first exam--lets hope it 
gave me some brain cells!
Last week of studying--wine was definitely a must!

Everything finally wrapped up on Friday.  I turned in my research paper and felt the biggest sense of relief (and terrified at the same time--hope I passed everything ek!).  I went on an amazing run and literally felt the weight leave my shoulders--didn't know it was possible, but it is!  

My best friend, Laura came into town for the Charleston Affair which meant that I got to celebrate the end of exams with her!  We ended up going out with a bunch of classmates and the girls (Congrats again to Christina for getting into NP school).  It was definitely a blast to finally get to not worry about deadlines or exams or anything!   

Got to celebrate the end of school with Laura 
(she just finished grad school!!)
And Yup we are still weird..ha!

After the shangans of Friday night--I literally was so worn out! I think all the exhaustion just caught up with me, coupled with a few too many drinks, and I was out of order for the rest of the weekend! Whoospies!  I did get to enjoy going to the beach with a few close friends for a couple hours on Saturday and helped Laura get ready for Charleston Affair.  After Laura left, I went to Walmart bought my exam reward--Mockingjay (the final book of the Hunger Games) and went to the grocery to buy myself some salmon and fresh veggies for a homecooked meal for one!  I know it seems kinda lame--but I truly just needed some de-compression time.  

Meal For One :)

On Sunday, I had another lazy day and went to the pool with Christina and Mary Foster.  After the pool, I read a little and then watched some tv with Ali. Exam week and school really took it out of me, BUT I finally feel like myself again and am not so stressed.  So glad for all the people that supported me over the past month--I know I haven't been the most fun person, but glad y'all stuck by me!  Thanks :)

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  1. Ooohhh that food looks so delicious!! What is Charleston Affair? I guess I could look it up, but what fun is that :)