Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coconut Banana Bread and Baseball

I made an incredible banana bread--if I do say so myself--and even health-ified it some :)!  Last week I picked up a few bananas, and I usually am good about eating fruit before it goes bad--but since I was gone this past weekend--my bananas got a little too ripe for my liking.  Which means--either freeze them to make smoothies or make banana bread (oh, the decisions in life)!  

I decided to try out a semi-unique recipe! I wanted to spice the traditional banana bread up some, and since I am cheap--I decided against a uber-nutty version and chose a coconut banana bread recipe instead.  I love coconut and it is the perfect treat on a spring/summer day--a hint of paradise so to speak!

Flour/Coconut Mix
Using my Kitchen-Aid: Thanks Mom :)
Pour, baby pour...
Into the Oven...

Banana bread is really quick to make and tastes delicious; with 10 minutes of prep time and around 50 minutes cook time--bread was done!  It wasn't as moist as I like it to be, I think the coconut soaked up some of the moister, but it is still pretty stinking good.  I will definitely use this recipe again--and maybe break the bank and add some walnuts next time ;)

Last night, I ended up going to the Riverdogs game.  Sadly the team lost, but it was a great time and we all really enjoyed the cheap beer :).  On Tuesday nights, the Riverdogs have a two for Tuesday deal- where you get 2 tickets for the price of one (so that means 3.50 a ticket)!  And a little known secret--they have dollar beer all the time, as long as it doesn't run out.  Drew and I ended up having a super cheap date night and had a great time with our future roomies, Jake and Tess! It was a lot of fun--we definitely did a lot more talking than watching, but thats usually how baseball games go!


Me and Drew--See I sport a baseball hat at the game!
Drew photo pic! 

Today was my first day back at my internship!  And boy, oh boy did it feel great to finally get back in the swing of things.  It really is crazy how much I enjoy going to the office and helping out in any way I can. It really puts all the things that I have been learning into perspective--and is always cool when you actually get to apply things that you learn in the classroom- crazy right?!

After the office, I decided to make myself a nice big late lunch.  I had frozen a shrimp burger from a couple weeks ago, de-thawed it and pan seared it!  I put the burger with some edamame on top of salad mixed with the homemade sesame about a nice lunch!  It was the perfect end to the day!  
Shrimp-Sesame Salad :)

All mixed up--SOO good! 

Off to read more of my book (I'm addicted) before going to body pump :)

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