Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Shoes, New Day!

Happy Hump Day!  My mom used to always say that on Wednesdays--it used to gross me out haha, but now I think its sort of cute--the hump in the middle of the week and its all smooth sailing from Wednesday on :)

Yesterday was my "last day of freedom" so to speak!  I start orientation for my research position today and then starting next week I will be back in full swing of research and internship!  I am definitely a person that has to have something to do--and having nothing to do stresses me out more than when I am swamped!  I know it seems crazy-but I just feel so guilty/useless if I don't have anything going on...

I decided to relish in my day off! I planned to go for an afternoon run around the battery, but instead decided to take the time off and lay by the pool while reading Mockingjay.  It was a gorgeous afternoon with the sun shining through the clouds.  I lasted a couple hours by the pool, before I decided that my skin had gotten too much sun and turned it in for the day.  I love getting tan, but I only like being out in the sun for a couple hours because I don't want to get too fried!

After Drew got off work- we decided to go downtown and check out a store before going on a short 2.5 mile run. I got new shoes in the mail on Monday and was dying to try them out.  I have been running in Brooks Adrenaline for the past year and officially have gotten every color of the 11th edition (they a really pretty 12th edition- but they are about 50 dollars more than the old edition- so 11th it is)!  Drew's knee has been hurting and he has been so busy lately that he got out of the "groove" of running and needs to ease back in.  So we took it slow and completed a pretty course downtown--I know he was happy when we finished! 
Purple Pair of Running Shoes :) 
Kinda Clemson!
Running in Historic Downtown
Running to the Battery off of King
Hat is a must in the summer :)

After our run we decided to go to the store and pick up dinner.  The other week we made these huge wedge salads and decided to recreate them but on a smaller version (side dish) and pair it with some broiled salmon! The wedge salads were filled with bacon, raisins, croutons, sunflower seeds, red onion, tomatoes and asian dressing (I know not the healthiest salad--but boy it was tasty).  We ate our dinner while watching---The Vow!  It was such a cute movie and even though Channing Tatum isn't the worlds best actor, he certainly is easy on the eyes ;) 
Wedge Salad filled to the max!
Someone looks a little creepy or hungry?
I like my salmon--big piece please!
Our dinner formation--in front of the TV
(the salads were too big for plates--had to bowl it)
Nothing like ending the night with some 
homemade kettle corn!

As for this morning, I planned to wake up and go to the gym early with a session of bodypump--but that turned into me sleeping in until 9..which is unheard of!  I guess my body just needs its rest so I took the morning easy and did some chores I needed to get to (cleaning, bills, appliance fixing call, etc)! Now its off to shower and get ready for some research orientation--talk about exhilarating whoop whoop!
Bagel Sandwich with some Chi Latte :)

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