Monday, May 14, 2012

They Say Things Come in Threes--3 Big Life Decisions

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I have a world of new news! I have been contemplating big girl, big life decisions over the past few months and finally have made some decisions!  After much thought--I have come up with three major life developments...

The first is not as big of a surprise--but after 3 and a half years (off and on times) Drew and I are finally moving in together.  I am very, very excited!  I used to always say that I will never live with a boy before I was married or at least engaged, and I still do value that opinion that I once had. But I have come to realize that sometimes you can plan or say things that in the end really don't make sense when the time comes.  I know that some people do look down upon living with a significant other before marriage, but for us it just seems like the right thing to do.  We are both at a place in our lives that it seems like a good next step, so after much debate (mostly by me and my indecisive nature) we decided to move in together!

That being said--we are also moving in with another couple: Jake and Tess.  Jake has been Drew's best friend since high school (literally they are two peas in a pod) and his girlfriend, Tess, is just as awesome!  They both have been crewing on a yacht for the past year and finally decided to land back in Charleston.  Drew could not be happier to have his best friend back!  Drew and I talked a lot about just living with each other, but decided that it just makes more sense to live with another couple for now.  Also, Tess and Jake are wonderful and they are some of the most laid back people I have met so I am elated that we all get to live together!
Future Roomies :)
Jake preparing dinner on the dock!
Drew and Me at our future home :)
Jake and Tess
View from our future dock--so pretty

On the other big news I have for this wonderful Monday--we are going to be welcoming a new addition: a little boykin spaniel!! For the past year it seems I have been bugging Drew about getting a dog.  He is much more rational than I am and always said that we could get a dog once we had a yard--well since we are about to move into a house with a yard (and dock) we decided that it was finally time to get a little puppy!
Welcome Scout!

This weekend I was able to finally see the little girl.  Drew and his mom got to visit Scout a few weeks back and I was so excited that I got to see her this weekend.  Drew and I went up to Chapin for a friends wedding and on the way got to stop in and see the new addition.  She is a bundle of energy and I can't wait to have her home :)  We get to pick her up at the end of the just a couple more weeks!
Drew and Scout

Trying to get her to look (she wasnt having it)

She is a handful--and strong :)

Scout :) soo cute!

Our first kiss!

And lastly, I have decided to run a marathon come December.  As always running marathons is a huge time commitment and takes a ton of dedication.  I always like to have a little break in training after running marathons--but for whatever reason I seem to get the drive to run more!  So come December 9, 2012 I will be running the Kiawah Marathon with my dad, sister and Mimi! I am soo happy to have such a support group and blessed that my family enjoys the challenge as well :)

Off to finish breakfast before going to body attack express and maybe even body pump if I can handle it?! 

Breakfast with homemade Chai Latte, bagel and cottage cheese
(totally the breakfast of champions)!

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