Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Glass Onion Date and Relaxing Weekend :)

Good Morning!

I forgot to post this yesterday...but it's better late than never-right?!

The start of my weekend started with a wonderful meal at Glass Onion.  Glass Onion is a great little southern restaurant off of highway 17 in West Ashley.  Drew's sister, Meredith, recommended it to us a while back and after going a couple weeks ago we were hooked!  It has an absolutely wonderful atmosphere with a restaurant/diner feel and their food is literally out of this world delicious...I do have a special place in my heart for good downhome southern cookin ;)

Starters--great deviled eggs!
Ate them All :)
So good.

My weekend continued with amazing food.  I went out to eat with some of my best girlfriends before heading downtown for the night.  We ate at J.Paulz off of Maybank and had a great time catching up.  We usually have a "girls night" once a week, but all of our busy schedules kept us from having our weekly ritual.  The weekend was a perfect time to catch up :)
Dinner with Friends

After our Friday night out on the town, I was feeling pretty sluggish on Saturday morning.  I have been promising myself for the past month that I will make it to the farmers market in Marion Square on the weekend.  I asked around, but everyone was wanting to go to the beach, brunch or fish--so I decided to keep the promise to myself and go to the market by myself!  I rarely do things by myself, though I always say that I want to, and found this Saturday morning was the perfect time to have some independent time :)
Farmers Market!
Stools (I had one of these growing up)

I went early, but the market was already packed!  I absolutely love all the fresh produce and looking around at all the neat nicks and nacks that they have.  I picked up a red tomato (found out after purchasing it that it was grown in FL--what a crock!) and some asparagus (was homegrown)!  I am glad that I kept my promise to myself and really enjoyed some alone time.

I finished up my weekend by going to Edisto to hang out with Drew's mom and sister.  It was a lot of fun (despite the bad weather--tropical storm watch) and awesome to just relax.  We even saw a rainbow when we were eating at Moconkys! 

Edisto Sunset

Happy start of the week :)


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I can't wait to go to the farmer's market this summer!

  2. You should have called me! Heather and I were there Saturday morning.