Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bachelorette Night!

Good Morning!

I finally figured out my summer plans :)!  I am so excited to get back on a normal routine--it really is crazy how much I crave structure in my life.  I wish I was a person that could just get a long laizze-faire but since I'm not--I have to take joy in having some structure!

Last night was a busy one.  Drew and I went on a nice 3 mile run around his neighborhood.  I honestly can't tell you how nice it is to have running routes that you know the exact milage of--it really makes the run go by quickly!  After our run, I whipped up a nice meal with fried calamari and tartar sauce, salmon steaks with soy sesame vinaigrette dressing, side salads with fixings and some edamame.  

Drew's mom gave me a wonderful recipe for soy sesame vinaigrette and I just had to try it when I got home.  It was super simple to make and delicious: we drenched almost everything on our plates with the vinaigrette.  The calamari was something that we recently found and is really easy to prepare as well.  Harris Teeter sells calamari steaks- they are really fine patties and real slimy- all you have to do is slice the steak into strips drench it with House Autry breading (we add some red pepper flakes for a hot kick) and dip it in the deep fryer (we double dip it--to make it extra crunchy).  All and all the meal was satisfying and surprisingly didn't leave us in a food coma :)

Salad with Vinaigrette
Dinner--big steak!

After dinner, we assembled Scout's crate while waiting for the bachelorette to start!  We are so excited for the little puppy to come home--I can't explain it!  We went shopping on Sunday night to pick up a few toys for her and to get the essentials (bowls, leech, mat, etc); literally we are doing everything possible before we get her. 

Drew with Scout's Crate--nice pad too!
Toys and yes, Clemson Leech is a necessity ;)

As for the bachelorette--I was so excited for it to start.  Drew, Brandon and I all watched it on the big TV while putting 21 Jump Street on during the commercials.  I don't know if I was more excited for it to start or if the boys were, but regardless as always it is going to be another summer addiction.  My vote is Brad from Athens or Augusta, GA, he has the sweet southern accent and was a pro athlete--winner!  

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