Friday, March 30, 2012

Long Week--But Hello Friday :)

Hi Friends!!

So this week has been a whirl-wind...seriously, can't believe that it is already the weekend (whew!).  I have a huggge paper and presentation, and needed to finish my first draft this week and have my final presentation done because I'm presenting in front of 40 plus people on Monday...ek!

Anyways, last weekend was a blast (as I had to play catch-up all week, but it was totally worth it).  One of my best friends, Laura, came into town this past weekend.  I absolutely love when Laura comes into town--takes me back to college for a little bit, plus when we are together it is always fun (at least for us).  We had a packed weekend--even though the weather wasn't perfect, we made the best of it and pretended like it was amazing weather.
Yup--we are best friends ha!

We took Drew's boat out for the first real time this spring (even though we took it out in the winter), and let me tell you---it was awesome to finally be back out on the water.  Even though it wasn't the best weather for boating; it still wasnt too rough and we managed to go out right before it started to storm.  Then a huge storm blew through (they said there were tornadoes close by?), so we took cover at Red's Icehouse on Shem Creek.  I absolutely love Red's in the summer--the food is alright, but the atmosphere is the main reason to go--plus you can dock right on up!! By the time we were all finished--the storm had passed bringing along slick water and cooler temps.  Over all, it was a great Saturday spent with even greater (if that was a word) friends :)
On the boat--ok and thumbs up :)
Laura and me!
Everyone pulling into Reds...the calm before the storm
Everyone (including me this time)..
thanks to Grant's long arms!

Megan, Me and Laura!

That night, we all cleaned up and headed to get mexican dinner before going to a concert at the Pour House.  The last time I was at the Pour house was on Valentine's Day for Mishka!  It is such a cool venue and was a great shower.  Trevor Hall is a guy that is from SC and plays really chill but upbeat music (if thats possible).  It was so much fun and the perfect way to end a really fun day :)
Mexican dinner--and yes, I enjoyed a glass of wine
nothing finer than wine at a Mexican restaurant ha!
Laura, me and Drew waiting for in line! 
All the visitors of the weekend!
We got a little bored waiting in line...

As for the rest of this week--I have been a bookworm and been writing/reading/studying my little booty off! I guess it's because I'm in school--but lordy, it was a stressful week! As for some snapshots of what my plate has been like this week (if you were interested ha!).
32 degrees soo good!
First LoCountry Boil of the Year...welcome spring :)
Pasta bowl--with new veggie meatballs 
(soo good they just came out with them)!
Fro Yo (again)--it's so good!
Roasted Brussels, Sweet Potato Chips and Chicken 
(my meal for one)
I'm weird and get cereal sent to me in the mail..
Still not over my obsession whoospies!

Looking forward to taking a little break in the work this weekend (giving myself Saturday to chill and then get back to it)!  I have the bridge run in the morning (early, early morning) which is officially Drew's first race ever :)!! I love the bridge run...other than the fact that Charleston is just a mob of people everywhere, but it is all in the spirit of what I'm told one of the best races in the country woop wooop!!

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. looks like so fun! I can't wait till this summer when I live in Charleston close to the water!